Cumberland schools, town talk budget this Wednesday

Cumberland schools, town talk budget this Wednesday

CUMBERLAND – Members of the School Committee and Town Council will meet for a state-mandated budget chat on Wednesday, March 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Cumberland Public Library.

Specifically, Article 21.2 of the Rhode Island General Law, sections 1 to 3, calls for a "joint pre-budget meeting" at which the mayor is required to give the school board an estimate of projected revenues for the upcoming fiscal year.

The school board must in turn submit to the town a statement anticipated total expenditures for next year including project enrollments and faculty requirements, and any necessary or mandated changes in the school program or operation.

The school board is preparing its budget now for delivery to Finance Director Brian Silvia by April 7. Town Council members must deliver to Mayor Daniel McKee an approved budget for the entire town to the town by June 9.

Wednesday's get-together is a public meeting, although not a public hearing. Both boards generally permit public comments and questions.