Auto program at Davies remains in high demand

Auto program at Davies remains in high demand

Justin Lopes, left, 17, of Pawtucket, and Tyrone Rivera, 17, of Central Falls, sand a bumper they are repairing at William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School. (Valley Breeze photos by David Wuerth)

LINCOLN - The popular automotive program at William M. Davies Jr. Career & Technical High School continues to rank as one of the school's most popular, with 77 students enrolled this year.

Students are divided for their first three years of high school into an equal number of classes in mechanical and collision, said Bernard Blumenthal, business and education partnership coordinator at the school. Once they reach their senior year, they decide which specialty they want to put all their energy into.

According to Blumenthal, students in the school's automotive program do very well in getting industry-based certifications. "Tremendous partners" like Dupont and "exceptional teachers" who continue to build the program through strong partnerships help prepare students to take one of two paths, to either go directly into the automotive field or go on to a school like New England Institute of Technology or the Universal Technical Institute for advanced training. Some Davies students have even gone on to BMW school after those schools, he said.

Automotive students at Davies continue to do very well in field-related contests, said Blumenthal, winning some and ranking very highly in others.

Mario Nestor, 17, from Central Falls, begins the process for aligning the wheels on a Ford pickup.
Steven Alvarez, left, 17, of Central Falls, and Darvin Benitez, right, 19, of Central Falls, tap out dents in body panels.
Edgar Garcia, 18, of Central Falls, sands body filler on a truck he is working on.