Mayor welcomes re-opening of Oki's

Mayor welcomes re-opening of Oki's

As mayor I would like to take this opportunity to personally and publicly thank Sal and Marie Esposito for re-opening the North Providence landmark Oki's restaurant. The Espositos are lifelong residents of the town of North Providence. The very fact that they made an economic decision to reinvest a significant amount of money in a defunct business within our community benefits all residents of our town. It fosters economic growth in a state that is still reeling from the Great Recession.

Knowing what I know it is even more gratifying that the Espositos decided to continue to invest in business in our town despite the Council president's decision to play politics, personally embarrass and close the vehicle inspection station that was located on the Esposito property. I would like to remind everyone that this caused Mr. Esposito to lose a viable business. In addition, it cost the taxpayers approximately $40,000 a year in lost revenue. This inconvenienced our taxpayers, many citizens and automobile dealers from nearby communities.

It is essential that all municipal elected officials refrain from playing politics and create an environment that fosters economic development within our town. The very fact that Mr. Esposito gave us a second chance by choosing to continue to operate a business within our community is an understatement.

On behalf of my administration and the residents of our town I wish Sal Esposito, Marie Esposito, and their partner Oki good health and good luck in their new business venture. It looks great.

Charles Lombardi

Mayor, Town of North Providence