Mayor deserves reasonable pay for amount of work, long hours

Mayor deserves reasonable pay for amount of work, long hours

Requirements: Manage an $85 million budget; negotiate contracts with municipal, police, and rescue personnel; introduce and present legislation, ordinances and resolutions to Town Council; seat on the Mayoral Academy; understanding of federal, state, and local laws; public speaking and writing skills a must; on call 365/24/7.

These are the requirements for a public servant known as mayor of Cumberland. A Cumberland mayor's only requirement is to be a resident for two years prior to running for office. The actual requirements go above and beyond being a simple "public servant" as some have described the position.

When department heads, directors, and other town officials make more than the mayor, one must question why the salary has been kept artificially low since 2003. Is it to keep other interested parties from running that did not have outside sources of revenue, such as pension or a spouse or relatives with a business?

It is an opportunity to provide the taxpayers of Cumberland a "choice," instead of the perennial one-candidate election. Making the salary for the chief executive position comparable to others across the state provides an opportunity for candidates with the qualifications stated above to be adequately compensated for the position of mayor. The Town Council should consider a salary increase in April, prior to the candidate declaration period in June 2014.

Mark Dosdourian

Chairman Cumberland Republican Town Committee