Water monitoring volunteers needed

Water monitoring volunteers needed

The Blackstone River Coalition is in need of volunteer water-quality monitors in Rhode Island to collect data at five sites in the watershed.

In Woonsocket, volunteers are needed for Cherry Brook at Olo Street and for the Blackstone River at River Island Park at Bernon Street. In Cumberland, a volunteer is needed to monitor Robin Hollow Pond outlet at Dexter Street.

In Pawtucket, a monitor is needed for the Blackstone River at Slater Mill.

And in Lincoln, a volunteer is needed for Crookfall Brook at Sayles Hill Road.

The BRC recruits and trains citizen volunteers to participate in its watershed-wide water quality monitoring program. The goal is to gather information about the current status of, and long-term changes in the health of the watershed. The information helps policy makers, state officials, and concerned citizens in their actions to make the Blackstone River cleaner.

Volunteers sample their sites on the second Saturday of the month from April through November, and drop off their samples at the Cumberland Fire Station on Mendon Road between 9 a.m. and noon on the Saturday of the testing.

Those interested in volunteering, contact Susan Thomas at 508-839-9488 or acadia94@verizon.net.