WPC remembers Nasuti as man committed to healthy living for youth

WPC remembers Nasuti as man committed to healthy living for youth

On behalf of the Woonsocket Prevention Coalition (WPC), I would like to acknowledge the incredible contributions that the late George Nasuti has made as a member of our Board of Directors for the past eight years and as a dedicated educator and community member.

As a board member, George went above and beyond his volunteer board member responsibilities. Every WPC activity and initiative was vetted through George, and he participated in everything we did. From our work with youth in the schools and community to professional development to community education through town hall meetings to post graduation celebrations to our media campaigns and radio spots to name a few. He was always the voice of reason and practicality with unending ideas on how we could best reach and impact our youth with our initiatives and messages.

And George did this with an uncanny sense of humor and animation (I chuckle thinking about our conversations), enthusiasm, humility and wisdom.

George believed in the goodness of the human spirit...everyone deserves a chance to shine.

A recent initiative the WPC worked on with George embodied his belief that our varsity athletes should "Walk the Walk." This program built on the VAASA (Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse) initiative that recruited Woonsocket High School varsity athletes to be trained on the risks and dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other illicit drugs and the effects on their daily lives and team performance, as well as strengthening their leadership skills, so that they could be strong in remaining drug-free, be role models and share this information with younger students. George recently secured a Rhode Island Interscholastic League grant for this collaborative initiative. We developed uniform jerseys that participating youth would wear to brand this initiative. George believed in the importance of his athletes taking a pledge to be healthy and drug-free and took a holistic approach to health and wellness. George was a positive role model.

On a personal note, thank you, George, for your unwavering dedication to Woonsocket Special Olympics, where we first met as coaches over 25 years ago... You were in the forefront supporting and advocating for children and athletes with disabilities, ensuring that they had the same rights and opportunities to participate in sports as all other students. I will never forget the cherished memories as coaches.

To George's family: Carol, Chris and Sean, and the Nasuti, Moylan and Ray families, thank you for sharing George with the WPC and our community.

There are people that come into our lives and quickly go. There are those that come into our lives and we are forever better for it, and then there are those few that make imprints on our lives that last forever, even though they are taken from us far too soon. George was one of these people. Thank you George for believing in our work and for being a tireless "life coach" for what is good and just. Thank you for always believing in our youth even when they may have doubted themselves. The lessons that you have taught us all, and most especially our youth, will live on forever. God speed dear friend...God speed.

Lisa Carcifero


Carcifero is executive director of WPC and signs on behalf of the Board of Directors and staff.