Too soon to characterize changes in Cumberland's updated property values

Too soon to characterize changes in Cumberland's updated property values

CUMBERLAND - While an informal survey found more homeowners whose property values were lowered by the new revaluations mailed last week, the percentage of change varied widely.

And Neal Dupuis, president of the Certified Revaluation Company doing the adjustment in property values, told The Breeze that this week is too early to begin characterizing how values overall may be up or down in Cumberland.

He did suggest that residents use the website listed in the letter to property owners,, to not only review their own new valuation but that of a neighbor's - or to sample the results townwide. Old values are listed near the bottom of each individual property page.

He said a better picture of the town as a whole will be available in two weeks or so.

As of Monday, the number of resident calls to schedule an appointments for meetings about the new values was "not too many," Dupuis said.

Residents with concerns were urged to call by March 31. Call 1-888-844-4300 to schedule an appointment.

State law requires communities to statistically adjust property values every three years, but once a decade the properties must be physically inspected, as happened this year.

It's an expensive process that's offset by a small stipend from the state. Cumberland invested $350,000 in the process this year.

North Providence just announced an overall 10 percent declines in values, and last year Lincoln values overall were down 8 percent.