Hasbro invites Monopoly fans to debate house rules

Hasbro invites Monopoly fans to debate house rules

PAWTUCKET - When you play a game of Monopoly, do you collect a pile of cash when you land on Free Parking? Do you auction off properties that people don't purchase immediately? How do you get out of Jail? Do you keep secret bank accounts under the couch cushions?

While Monopoly fans may claim to know how to play the game, many actually incorporate their own rules, known as “house rules,” whether they know it or not. In a recent survey conducted by city-based Hasbro, 68 percent of Americans admit they've never read the official Monopoly rules in their entirety and 49 percent said they have made up their own Monopoly rules.

Knowing that house rules have long been a part of the Monopoly gaming tradition, Hasbro officials are giving fans an opportunity to "break the rules" by inviting them to help select the top house rules to become a part of future Monopoly games.

Through April 3, the Monopoly Facebook page is hosting the Great Monopoly ‘House Rules' Debate, with Mr. Monopoly as moderator. Fans are encouraged to debate the pros and cons of 10 house rules that were selected as a result of crowd-sourcing fans globally on the page.

As a result of the debate, Hasbro will identify the top house rules and incorporate them into the Monopoly: House Rules Edition game available this Fall. The chosen rules will also be included in the classic Monopoly game guide in 2015. While the official Monopoly rules will not change, fans who love playing with ‘house rules' will have the opportunity to play them in their game.

"The Monopoly brand has been has been a pop culture phenomenon for nearly 80 years and ‘house rules' have become an important part of the story of the brand," said Jonathan Berkowitz, vice president of marketing at Hasbro.

Join the house rules debate at Facebook.com/Monopoly.