Get adventurous with 5 Wits at Patriot Place

Get adventurous with 5 Wits at Patriot Place

FOXBORO, Mass. – I admit I was a bit wary when I first heard I was going out with adult friends for a role-playing game. Spy games? Underwater adventures? What happened to a night out at the billiard hall or the movies?

But like any good husband, I promised to give it a fair shot and leave any skepticism or negativity at the door. And hey, when you’re with good friends, everything’s fun, right?

It didn’t take me long to realize that 5Wits at Patriot Place is no rinky-dink operation. We settled on the “Espionage” tour over “20,000 Leagues,” deciding as a group that we were in the mood to try our hand at de-bugging carpet stores, cracking secret codes, and rooting out the mole in the operation.

The elaborate setup of the live-action adventure reminded me of a video game, only we were the ones on the inside with no outside controller pushing us through.

As the Boston Globe Magazine put it, “why sit at home and play a video game when you could be in one?”

I was by far the weakest link in our group. Turns out that making it through a grid of lasers is not as easy as it looks in the movies. In real life, I’d have been toast – four times.

Our guide led us through a series of challenges, keeping it interactive all along the way. She gave us bits of advice as we cracked safes, hacked computers, and took on a notorious corporation.

One of my personal favorites was when we were unable to disable a bomb. Just because we failed at that task didn’t mean we were doomed. This is a game about adapting, surviving, and finding the truth.

“Every puzzle you solve, challenge you conquer, and mistake you make will change the outcome, so stay sharp, move fast, and don’t get caught,” say those behind Espionage.

Sure, having fun with “Espionage” puzzle requires a little imagination, but so does watching a movie about Nicolas Cage stealing the U.S. Constitution. Also, unlike going to a Cage movie, you’ll take part in a logical sequence of adventures.

As with any game designed for people of many ages, the true 5 Wits experience requires letting your inhibitions go and allowing yourself to be fully immersed in the world you’re entering. So take friends, stay loose, be yourself, and have fun.

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For more on 5 Wits, visit or call 508-698-1600. Tickets are $18 for adults age 13 and older, and $14 for those 12 and younger. Children must be accompanied through the show by someone age 16 or older.

Walk-ins are welcome to “New England’s most interactive entertainment experience,” which is available for private parties, educational outings and team-building exercises. It is located at 202 Patriot Place in Foxboro, Mass.