Central Falls brings back Juvenile Hearing Board

Central Falls brings back Juvenile Hearing Board

CENTRAL FALLS - Mayor James Diossa, in conjunction with the Central Falls Police Department, announced last week the reinstatement of the Central Falls Juvenile Hearing Board after an eight-year hiatus.

The Central Falls Juvenile Hearing Board members are tasked with addressing juveniles committing minor infractions and providing an alternative to Family Court.

"By establishing a community board to concentrate on first time offenses and truancy, we're increasing community awareness and working to provide better life outcomes for youth and their families in the city," said Diossa.

The board will provide an alternative to the Rhode Island Family Court system by directing juveniles toward better behavior. Longterm, officials foresee a decrease in offenses, truancy, and dropout rates in Central Falls schools, as well as a decrease in the number of youth introduced into the juvenile justice system. With appropriate guidance and rehabilitation opportunities, members of the Juvenile Hearing Board believe juveniles will be less likely to commit future offenses.

The six members appointed to the board are Simone Barzykowski, Margarita Cardona, Joseph Godin, Maria Del Socorro Duque, Juan Pena, and Adriana Saldarriaga. Both Barzykowski and Godin served on the board years ago. Central Falls City Councilor Shelby Maldonado will also sit on the board. Det. Patrick Rogan of the Central Falls Police Department will screen qualified candidates and refer them to the board.