Birthday club

Birthday club

April 3

Jordan Hadley, 22, Have a happy and safe birthday. Love, Mom & Dad

April 4

Destiny Limburg, Happy 23rd Birthday! Love, Memere, Dad, Mom and Sister

Destiny Limburg, Happy Birthday from your cousins Jazmin and Sophia!

Happy 23rd Birthday Auntie Destiny, from your niece Faith!

Happy Birthday, Arthur! Love, the L'Heureuxs, Kissiks & LeBlancs

Liana Huang Molitor, Happy 19th Birthday to my loving and cherished granddaughter. Big, big love, Nana XOXO

Liana Molitor, 19 candles on your cake, a special day to celebrate! Happy Birthday, love, Mom & Dad OXOX

April 5

Linda Deacon, Happy Birthday! Love, Dave

Linda Deacon, Happy Birthday! Love, Christine & Brett

Happy birthday, Grandma Deacon! Love, Jake

Happy birthday, Grandma Deacon! Love, Maddy

Richard Vannieuwenhuize III, 5, Happy Birthday! We love you so very much, from Mommy and Daddy

Happy 16th Birthday, Jonathan Vadnais! 16 & driving! Lov, Mom, Dad, Sarah & Rascal

April 7

Happy 21st Birthday, Melissa Wood! We love you, Mom & Dad

Happy 21st Birthday, Sissy. Love, RJ

April 8

Valerie Lynette Harmon, Happy 7th Birthday, from Mommy with love

Autumn Vierra, 6, from Mama and Batdad

April 9

Happy Birthday, Evan, 5, Love, the LeBlancs, Kissiks and L'Heureuxs

Happy 6th birthday, our sweet Isabella! We love you so much! Love, Momma & Daddy

Isabella, Happy 6th birthday to my favorite girl in kindergarten! Love, the Super Bee

Zachary St. Jean, Happy 14th Birthday! Love, Mom, Dad & Brady

April 10

Rusty Lima, 70, Love, Peggy, Mal, Bill, Sharon, Billy, Amanda and Jacob

April 13

Madison Forrest, 13, Happy Birthday! Love, Mema & Poppi

April 14

Happy 80th Birthday William Zonfrillo! Hope this is your best one yet. Enjoy your day. Make a wish. Love always, Linda, Cuddles, Pumpkin, Crystal, Sam, Rose, Princess, Blackey and Smokey XOXO

Amy Lugo-Paul, hope your birthday wishes come true! Love always, Heidi XOXO

Victoria Bruck, 15, from Grandma, Grandpa, James, Isabelle and Mom

April 16

Mike Billington, 24, from Mom, Dad, aunt, Jim, Matt and Fergie

April 19

Charlotte, Fellingham, Happy 10th Birthday! from Mom, Dad, Sarah and Will

Happy 18th Birthday, Randy Wood. Love you! Mom & Dad

Happy 18th Birthday, Brother! Love, Missy

April 21

Tyler Robert McDonald, Happy Birthday to the best 9-year-old grandson. Love, Nana

Tyler McDonald, 9, XO, Mom, Dad & Jack

April 23

Myles Molitor, wishing a wonderful husband and dad a Happy 68th Birthday! Love, wife Debbie and daughter Liana OXOX

April 24

Meghan Welsh, Happy 14th Birthday Meg! We love you very much! Mom and Dad XOXO

Happy Birthday, Meghan Welsh. You are my sunshine always. We love you. Memere and Aunt Pauline

Meghan Welsh, Happy Birthday Meg. I love you. Memere

April 27

Hailey Goodman, Happy 12 Birthday! Love, Grandpa and Mom

April 28

Jo Ann Reilly, Wishing a wonderful birthday to a wonderful friend

Kimberly Prasinos, 47, We love you, Mom, Alec and Jacob

April 29

April I. Mooney, 49, May your next 50 be as good as the first!

April 30

Happy Birthday Cathie at Mike's Auto Repair! We love you - Mike, Jen, Andrew and Brandy.

Alexander Vannieuwenhuize, 3, Happy Birthday! We love you so very much, Love, Mommy & Daddy