Customers come through for L'il General 'dog bone' fundraiser

Customers come through for L'il General 'dog bone' fundraiser

Lisa Pestana, right, owner of L'il General in North Smithfield, and store employee Judi Lalumiere, at the store counter where paper "dog bones" hang on a display above them. (Valley Breeze photo by Nancy O'Halloran"

NORTH SMITHFIELD - When Lisa Pestana found out that two abused golden retrievers were removed by animal control from a Burrillville home, she knew she wanted to help. She had seen on the shelter's Facebook page that the dogs were neglected and hadn't seen a veterinarian in years and had medical problems, so she answered the plea for help and mailed in a donation.

A few weeks later, she saw another posting that said the dogs were doing better but more money was needed for their care. That's when Pestana, who with her husband Mike owns the L'il General Store on Great Road in North Smithfield, decided to hold a fundraiser at their store.

Expecting maybe a couple hundred dollars or so, the owners and their employees are now proud to report that as of March 31, $1,178 has been donated to help care for Mosey, the male, and Cindy, the female, dogs

Creativity set the Pestanas and family to work with cardstock and scissors, cutting out dog bone shapes and offering them up for $1 donations. Customers could write their names or a message on their dog bone for display in the store. It didn't take long before bones were hanging from most available surfaces throughout the store.

"My workers really grabbed the ball on this and ran with it," said Pestana. "All I did was arrange this."

"I've got to thank my customers. They really came through."

Though the dogs are in better shape since being rescued, Mosey has been diagnosed with kidney failure and has been adopted. Cindy is doing better, said Pestana, and when she's finished her heartworm treatments at the shelter, will be joining Mosey in his new foster home.