July is new date for completing Greenville water project

July is new date for completing Greenville water project

SMITHFIELD - A $3.2-million project that will improve water pressure in a section of Greenville is expected to be completed in July, about three months later than expected.

The last announced date for completion, after a previous short-term delay, was this month, but several factors - including the severe winter - intervened, according to David M. Powers Jr., general manager of the Greenville Water District.

He said the last remaining work is renovation of a pumping station on Mapleville Road that will force water to a newly constructed, million-gallon storage tank on Burlingame Road.

Bids on the pumping station initially came in about $100,000 too high, forcing design changes that caused the initial delay, and winter weather and mandated government paperwork have pushed the completion date off a bit further, Powers said.

The new water tank, 60 feet high and on a site 100 feet higher than the district's other tank on Mapleville Road, will significantly improve pressure in the Burlingame, Mann School, and Colwell Road areas, he said, while the older tank will remain in service for other neighborhoods.

The project, which is also expected to expand the district's capability for extension decades into the future, is being undertaken in partnership with the town's water district.

The Greenville district, a private, non-profit entity, was given permission to locate its new tower on municipal land near an existing, 300,000 town storage tower.

The two are being connected so they can back each other up if one or the other must shut down in an emergency, with Greenville paying all the costs of the installation.

The district is financing the expansion project with a no-interest loan from the Rhode Island Clean Water Finance Agency and $500,000 of its own money that it had set aside.

The district, which serves some 9,000 residents in Smithfield and Johnston, is overseen by a board of directors that works under policies set by its ratepayers.