Lincoln hunters take home 11 deer this season

Lincoln hunters take home 11 deer this season

LINCOLN - Hunters killed 11 deer during the town's first complete hunting season since the ban on bow hunting was lifted in December 2012, a Rhode Island Department of Management official reported.

Brian Tefft, DEM wildlife biologist, said a total of six hunters killed five female and six male deer during the season that lasts from Sept. 15 to Jan. 31.

"It's definitely a positive feature that's occurred here," Tefft said, in controlling the deer population.

Nine hunters registered with the Lincoln Police Department for the season, said Capt. Philip Gould, per the requirements of the ordinance passed to permit hunting.

The ordinance also only allows hunting on privately-owned land measuring at least five acres, with the annual written permission of the landowner, who must designate and mark boundaries of the property. Hunters are also charged with receiving proficiency certification in addition to their archery certification and hunting registration, and they must inform police where and when they will hunt.

Gould said no hunting-related incidents or accidents have been reported.

A total of 907 deer were felled by archery hunters this year in Rhode Island, Tefft said, calling the number "significant." Over the past several years, archery usage has increased 31 percent in the state, he said, and this year was the first to permit the use of crossbows.

However, he said many urban and suburban communities are still overpopulated with deer. There is a need to continue management of the animals, especially the females, he said.