Council VP Jahnz announces candidacy for re-election

Council VP Jahnz announces candidacy for re-election

LINCOLN - Lincoln Town Council Vice President James Jahnz has announced that he will be a candidate for re-election to the District 4 Town Council seat in Lincoln. District 4 encompasses Albion, Lime Rock and Quinnville.

Jahnz, who is currently serving his fourth term on the council, pointed to his continued commitment to the town's fiscal well being, his advocacy for the residents of the district, and his efforts in promoting level-headed leadership as the main reasons for running for re-election.

"It has been an honor to be able to represent the people of my district over the past seven and a half years. It is truly a privilege to serve them and I will ask for their vote again on election day this coming November," said Jahnz in a press release.

The town's reliable and strong fiscal well being is one of the main reasons Jahnz is seeking re-election.

"Lincoln has enjoyed excellent fiscal health over the past several years during a period of long recession," he said. "We have been able to add ballfields, build a senior center and complete a library expansion all while keeping tax rates stable and maintaining the town's bond rating at its highest ranking ever."

Jahnz praised his fellow officials for their "strong leadership and intelligent planning," and noted that the town administrator and Town Council have "worked together to put Lincoln in the strongest position during a period when state and surrounding communities have seen difficult economic times."

"Throughout the time that I have served on the Town Council, I have worked hard for the residents of the district and the town, and through the common efforts of other town officials, we have been able to effectively weather the financial storm that our state has faced," he said. "I will continue to be a strong advocate for sensible and smart legislation that works to keep Lincoln residents in their homes, prevent foreclosures and protect the town we love and hold dear."

Jahnz, who has been the council vice president during his entire term on the council, serves as chairman of the council's Claims Committee, and serves as a member of both the town's Ordinance Committee and the Purchase Committee. He is active in the community coaching several youth sports teams at various levels, including recreational, Catholic Athletic League and the AAU level in soccer and basketball.