Yard waste collection ongoing in Cumberland

Yard waste collection ongoing in Cumberland

CUMBERLAND - Spring curbside yard waste collection is underway and will continue through June 13, town officials announced.

Residents are asked to place yard waste correctly at the curb to assure the bags are collected.

Under the town's rules:

* Eight brown paper leaf bags of up to 35 pounds each are permitted on the regular trash pick-up day and are collected separately.

* Residents are urged to put bags in clear sight at the curb, but apart from the trash and recycling barrels.

* Yard waste must be put out by 6 a.m. because the yard waste truck is servicing 2,000 homes a day and gets started early.

* The truck will collect only brown paper leaf bags and not waste in other containers.

* Because all yard waste is shredded at the landfill and made into compost, the bags may include only grass clippings, leaves and small branches. They cannot be filled with stones, dirt, rocks or trash. If the bags contain unacceptable material, they will be turned away from the compost area and have to be dumped at the landfill at a cost to the taxpayers.

For more information, call 728-2400, ext. 155.