Kilmartin approves affiliation of CharterCare and Prospect Medical

Kilmartin approves affiliation of CharterCare and Prospect Medical

PROVIDENCE – Attorney General Peter Kilmartin announced Friday that he has approved the affiliation of CharterCare Health Partners and Prospect Medical Holdings, with conditions, pursuant to the Hospital Conversions Act.

CharterCare operates Roger Williams Medical Center, the affiliated St. Joseph Health Services and Our Lady of Fatima Hospital.

Prospect is a California-based, for-profit healthcare corporation which operates several hospitals and primary care clinics in California and Texas.

“The transacting parties have worked diligently to provide regulators with the necessary documentation and information throughout this review process to make this decision, a decision I believe is in the best interest of Rhode Island’s healthcare marketplace, the community, the employees, and most importantly, the patients,” said Kilmartin in a statement. “Conducting a hospital conversion review requires the commitment of a substantial amount of resources for the Office of Attorney General. I commend my staff for the time and careful consideration put into this review process.”

In addition to the significant capital investment provided to CharterCare, Prospect is committing to maintaining the Catholic identity of St. Joseph Health Services and Fatima Hospital, said Kilmartin, ensuring that all services at those hospitals are rendered in full compliance with the ethical and religious directive.

“It was clear from comments by patients, employees and the community that it was important that the hospitals stay true to their Catholic heritages and continue to adhere to the standards of excellence of care and faith the facilities are known for,” said Kilmartin.