Birch Tree Pub to reopen on Old Louisquisset after council OKs liquor license

Birch Tree Pub to reopen on Old Louisquisset after council OKs liquor license

LINCOLN - The Lincoln Town Council granted the owner of the former Birch Tree Pub, 1526 Old Louisquisset Pike, a victualing and BV liquor license on May 27, but the liquor license was approved with various stipulations.

Antonio Palombo told the council that he ran the pub for 22 years and he was looking to reopen it following a bad experience with a previous tenant.

His attorney, Anthony Gianfrancesco, said because of prior situations, the business located on Old Louisquisset Pike was shut down and the licenses were lost.

"I've been working with him in light of this past, unfortunate, experience," he said. "We're going to open up the pub as it once was."

International Caf?© utilized the building from 2012 to 2013, ultimately closing in November after multiple violations.

The restaurant owned by Elia Nassios received three after-hours liquor violations. Nassios was ordered to pay more than $2,000 in fines and remove tint from the windows of the building, but the requirements were not met before the February deadline and the liquor license was revoked.

Palombo told the council that he wants to lease the building to a different tenant in the future, but for now he will reopen the Birch Tree Pub.

Gianfrancesco said if Palombo finds a responsible tenant for the building, the transfer of the lease would come before the council for approval.

"If he's going to lease it, it's more marketable as an open, ongoing business; however, with the past experience, he's going to be very cautious if he enters any lease agreement with anyone," he said.

Town Council President Keith Macksoud said the cement patio area at the back of the building was a big issue with the previous tenant and he wanted Palombo to know that alcohol would be restricted solely to the enclosed building.

Town Clerk Karen Allen said the former tenant also owed tangible taxes to the town and the license could not be granted to Palombo until those were paid.

The council voted to approve the issuance of a victualing and BV liquor license to Birch Tree Pub so long as the back patio is not used and the tangible taxes are paid off.