Special event permit for Lincoln road race on hold

Special event permit for Lincoln road race on hold

LINCOLN - A special-event permit for a multi-town bicycle race was deferred last week after Town Council members learned that one of the promoters never paid Lincoln police for a road race detail two years ago.

Matthew Moritz, owner of Well Rounded Events, spoke with the Town Council during its May 27 meeting about the 6th annual Ride 'Round Rhody event, which will be held on Aug. 10.

LIFEcycle Inc, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for local cancer treatment centers through various health events, coordinated the event and contracted Moritz to ensure everything was ready for August. To date, the organization has raised $240,000 toward several Rhode Island hospitals to help fund cancer treatments, clinical trials for new cancer treatments and improvements to hospital facilities.

The ride is broken down into two separate routes, 25-miles and 75-miles, depending on the bicyclist's choice.

Beginning at Bryant University in Smithfield, the riders will make their way into Lincoln, traveling down busy streets like Old River Road and George Washington Highway.

Town Council member James Jahnz asked Moritz if any police detail would be assigned to ensure the riders are safe on some of Lincoln's busiest streets.

Before Moritz could answer, Town Administrator T. Joseph Almond approached the podium and explained to the council that he and Chief of Police Brian Sullivan objected to the special event permit Moritz was seeking.

"The promoter of this event is Eident Sports Marketing," he said. "They have not paid the town for a police detail requested for a road race two years ago. The balance is approximately $2,000 and the bill has not been paid despite repeated requests."

Moritz said he would like to clarify that Eident Sports Marketing was retained to organize only a portion of the event, not the race itself.

"They are managing an expo event that is occurring at Bryant University; they are managing volunteers," he said. "They are not actually the promoters of the event and they do not own the event. Any bills that Eident has not paid should not be reflected against LIFEcycle Inc, who has not run a ride through Lincoln before."

Moritz said any police detail for the upcoming race would be paid for by LIFEcycle Inc.

Almond asked that approval of the special event permit be subject to a payment of the outstanding balance by Eident Sports Marketing.

The council voted to defer the agenda item until its June 17 meeting.