Mellen new assistant principal at Ricci Middle School

Mellen new assistant principal at Ricci Middle School

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Thomas Mellen will soon leave behind his teaching career in Lincoln to assume the position of Assistant Principal at Ricci Middle School in North Providence after being selected from a pool of 60 applicants.

Mellen worked in the Lincoln school district as a special education teacher for 14 years.

"I went into education because my mom was a teacher and I remember visiting her special education classroom and I loved those students and loved working with them," he said.

Although being a teacher is something he's passionate about, he said he is ready to try something new and use the skills he has acquired to lead a school.

"I've always had aspirations of being a principal and I think it's important to follow a certain path and get experience as a vice principal and move on to principal someday," he said. "I like the discipline piece and working with students that exhibit challenging behavior."

Being an assistant principal will provide different challenges, he said, because he will be responsible for teachers as well as students.

"I'll have to make sure they're doing what they need to do to make sure students are successful," he said. "And hopefully I'll be modeling some of the things that have worked well in my class for 14 years for the teachers so they can be successful with their students."

When he starts at Ricci in September, he said he plans to build good relationships with the students and staff from the start.

"I want to make sure I'm being a strong role model and making sure my objectives are clearly outlined and that I expect students to maintain excellent levels of behavior," he said.

Despite being an assistant principal, he said he plans to visit the classrooms and assist the teachers if need be.

Mellen said he is "excited" to start at his new position and work with a different group of people.

"But I certainly will miss the teachers I've worked with and the principals I have now," he said. "I've met the people from North Providence and they seem like good people concerned about students. Melinda Smith seems very upbeat and motivated to make sure her schools are excellent so I'm excited."

Mellen will begin in North Providence on July 1.


Congratulations Mr. Mellen on your appointment I am sure you will be a great administrator for the North Providence School Department.

This new Job will have some benefits such as helping the children of North Providence, furthering your own career, and escaping the tyrannical leadership of your former administrator.

Good Luck