Pit bull shot by Woonsocket officers, later euthanized

Pit bull shot by Woonsocket officers, later euthanized

WOONSOCKET – A dog that reportedly charged at officers on Monday, June 16 was shot by police and later euthanized by Animal Control.

According to information released by the Woonsocket Police Department, two officers visited 290 Sayles St. around 2:40 p.m. on Monday attempting to locate resident Richard Vien, who has an active arrest warrant out of Woonsocket Municipal Court.

Viens was believed to be living in a camper outside the home, but as the officers approached, a large dog - identified by police as a pit bull - reportedly "charged from the camper and began viciously growling and snarling." According to reports, the police began backing away from the vehicle, but when the animal again charged, both officers fired their weapons.

The pit bull was critically injured from the incident and was euthanized at the scene by Animal Control.

Det. Jamie Paone said the incident is currently the subject of an administrative review.