St. Agatha Seniors name winners

St. Agatha Seniors name winners

WOONSOCKET - Members of St. Agatha Seniors donated $130 to the Relay for Life of Smithfield. They also donated glasses, earring aids and cell phones to the Quota Club in their recent campaign.

Monthly raffle winners at the June 11 meeting were Jocelyn Joyal, Jeannine Malouin, Yvette Piette and Claudette Duhamel.

Door Prize winners were Laura Henault, Muriel Boutiette, Jeanne Wall and Alice Laliberte.

Raffle winners were Constnace Sieber, Theresa Kiczak, Jeannette Petrin, Joan Phaneuf and Jeannine Cousineau.

Tickets will be on sale this week for the club's annual picnic scheduled for July 9.

Winners of the special bingo games were Herve Petrin, Lillian Brais and Ruth Cote.

Pitch winners were Claudette Desaulniers, Dave Lavallee, Gloria Belknap, George Racine and Donat Godin

Celebrating a birthday was Doris Durand.