Birthday Club

Birthday Club

July 2

Happy 5th Birthday Camden Horan. Love, Grandma and Kim

July 3

Happy 16th Birthday Gian Perrotta! Love, Mom, Dad and Damian XO

Happy 14th Birthday Sarah Elizabeth Russo! Congratulations graduate! Excellence in dance! You make our hearts smile. Love, Poppa and Grandma B.

July 6

Happy Birthday Levia Olivo! Love, your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren

July 7

Eric Duquette, Happy 23rd Birthday Eric! Love, Mom, Dad, Dawn and Bowser

July 9

Gian Salvatore, look who's turning 13! You are G. We love you! Pa Pa and Ga.

July 22

Happy Birthday Jason Nichols! From Bill and Sophie

July 11

Happy 30th Birthday Cassandra Horan. Love, Mom and Kim

July 21

Happy 19th Birthday Damian Perrotta! Love, Mom, Dad and Gian XO

Happy 10th Birthday Cassie Rae Russo. Excellence in swimming and dancing! You bring happiness to everyone! Love, Poppa and Grandma B.

July 26

Happy 8th Birthday, Grace Edith Russo! Our great-granddaughter who brings us such joy and happiness. Love, Poppa and Grandma B.

July 28

Happy Birthday Laura Colantonio! From all your friends at The Valley Breeze.

July 30

Happy 12th Birthday Samantha Nicynski! We love you! Mammy and Poppy