Pawtucket board approves riverfront trucking center

Pawtucket board approves riverfront trucking center

PAWTUCKET - The Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals on Monday voted unanimously to approve a riverfront trucking center near Bishop Point on the Seekonk River, ending months of controversial deliberations.

M & G Trucking and Transportation got the go-ahead to build a terminal and office space on this parcel located between the Boys & Girls Club and Mt. St. Mary's Cemetery, but neighbors say they won't give up their fight to stop the redevelopment of the vacant industrial property.

Michael Horan, attorney for Melody Majkut and M & G Trucking, said the owners were "very pleased with the board's decision," especially as it "was not an easy" one to make. There were "very strong conflicting opinions" on both sides of whether the trucking center should be approved, said Horan, and the board "acted in a very proper manner" to make its final determination.

Neighbors of the property at the intersection of School Street and Beverage Hill Avenue were not nearly as pleased about the decision. Two neighbors in particular, Kate Collette and Jerome Rancourt, said the board did not adequately hear them out, especially on noise and traffic concerns. Collette said that neighbors are also concerned about hours of operation.

Both Collette and Rancourt are within a 200-foot buffer allowing them to challenge the board's decision, and both said they plan on doing so.

Residents didn't have the resources to make this a fair fight during deliberations on the city level, said Collette, getting overwhelmed by M & G Trucking's bevy of experts and strong legal representation.

The owners of M & G Trucking say they intend to expand operations and add jobs as they move from their current location on San Antonio Way. Majkut said they'll start work to improve and beautify the property as soon as possible.

Board of Appeals Chairman Douglas McKinnon emphasized that M & G Trucking's application for special use permits and variances was a "unique" one. The board had to make "tough calls" given the valid arguments made by both sides, said McKinnon.

This riverfront area could one day have a "beautiful use" like a marina, park or condos as advocated by the Pawtucket Riverfront Commission, said McKinnon, but those uses simply aren't in the cards right now. The application from M & G Trucking really "turns on timing," he said. The owners of the property have tried for years to sell the property, with nothing to show for it. They should not be denied "beneficial use" of their property.

The job of the Board of Appeals was to "sift through" all the arguments from both sides and come up with a decision based on today's statutes, the recommendation of the City Planning Commission, and "our own conscience," said McKinnon.

Board member Russell Ferland made his motion to approve contingent on a number of requirements, mandating that M & G Trucking get approvals from all applicable state agencies, that trucks only turn right onto School Street when exiting the property and that trucks not idle on the property, among others.

Though the final decision was made without the benefit of a traffic study, Ferland pointed out that there won't be nearly as many trucks coming and going as there used to be when this was a concrete and gravel plant.

Prior to approving the applications, McKinnon re-emphasized a point that Majkut agreed to during deliberations: that the owners of M & G Trucking cooperate in the future to allow greater access to the riverfront.


There is a multi-million dollar project right up the street at Pawtucket Pier #2 by Tim Healey Way and School St. We need Bishop Point area for JOBS. It's already surrounded by a multitude of industrial buildings. Pawtucket's decreasing tax base and approx 11% unemployment rate makes this a common sense and logical decision, not an emotional one.

Please stop with the supposed huge job gains we can expect to see. I sympathize with the residents of Bishops Bend who now have to contend with the noise, dust and diesel that we be there 24/7, I live near NEMF so I know what I'm talking about.
Good luck having a cookout in your yard or trying to sell your house. Maybe Steve will make an offer on it seeing he thinks this is such a wonderful idea.
Zoning board clowns.

Mr. Lemois, it is not too early to be making any job projections - especially when it comes to corporations with questionable reputation? It is published in the above article that there will be an appeal process filed at the R. I. Superior Court.

As much as the City of Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals members may have overlooked the evidence that Pawtucket Ready Mix Concrete d.b.a. Bishop Bend Development Corp. ceased operations on September 22, 2010 due to Clean Water Act violations, residents of Pawtucket may find it worthwhile to carefully examine the 755 School Street commercial property valuation and commercial tax payment status.

As to Island Express Co. Inc. (incorporated by Mark Majkut in October 1996 and closed down by the U. S. Department of Transportation in 2004 due to violations) now doing business as M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. - this precedent is now open to an inquiry and interpretation by anyone interested as a result of the current approval of the City of Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals for a use variance under Section 410 - 12(11)(A) and Section 410 - 10(C) for truck repair and office use and a special use permit under Section 410 -12(17)(D) for a freight/trucking terminal.

Mr. Lemois, “Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Those not living either on School St or next to the site are the vocal minority who want Pawtucket to continue to flounder. Never under estimate the power of the people who want to see Pawtucket thrive. What do you propose to 'rid yourself' of all the surrounding companies at "Bishop's Bend"?

Why, living on a side street off School St. do some people want to impose their will against the majority? 11%, approximately, unemployment in Pawtucket should be a concern. I will be free after this week ends to lend my voice at these meetings.

If you want a beautiful area, I can agree with that. By the projected September completion date, the MULTI-million dollar rebuilding of the Pawtucket Pier #2 will be finished.

Will that be too far to go to and enjoy the river? "Never underestimate the power of the people that want a BALANCE of open space AND business."~ Steve Lemois

"Pawtucket is becoming the next city to declare bankruptcy if we don't attract even more businesses to our city."- another Steve Lemois

Have you questioned why Mayor Grebien had to use the Cemetery Maintenance Perpetual Fund of approx. $500,000 to balance the budget? Hmmmm? Perpetual got lost in the shuffle.

Do you question why Cranston v. Pawtucket population- 80,387 v. 71,148 gets in 2015 State Budget WILL receive approx. 200% more Fiscal Year 2015 Pass Through Aid to Cities & Towns- $10.9 mil V. $4.9 mil? Or is that too much trouble to voice your opinion against? Pawtucket DOES NOT generate enough new, NOT increased, property taxes and sales taxes, etc. to get more in the 'formula' used.

Embrace the 'green spaces' BUT be fair and embrace the new businesses that want to expand operations of move anew into Pawtucket and Rhode Island.

*Disclosure- I too could have googled "Brainy Quotes" from the past while keeping a blind eye on our future.

This link shows an aerial photo of the proposed M&G Transportation and Trucking site. It is a wasteland waiting for a constructive purpose. It is worth a thousand words.

So the one thing that everyone seems to be able to agree with, is that what is there now is a dump!!!!! The Pawtucket Zoning Board stated that the owners of Pawtucket Ready Mix should be allowed to sell to M & G because it was the only offer on the property in years. The owners of the property who were allowed to abandon the property, leaving it a dump and a disgrace, and leaving it open to dumping and vandals; should be allowed to be made whole????? Possibly if they were forced to clean up their property then maybe they would have had more interest in the sale??? Yet, the City of Pawtucket sides with them and not the existing neighbors. I call attention to Jystvns who knows better than anyone involved as they obviously live abutting New England Tractor Trailer!!! So Bishop Bend is destined for a 24 hour a day annoyance, a dramatic decrease in property value and unhealthy living conditions.... JOB WELL DONE ZONING BOARD! Why don't you all move there then since you feel that M & G will be in no way an influence on the neighborhood?

Mr. Lemois, may I please ask how you would refer to the sites located on Grotto Ave. next to M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.? I am especially interested in your terminology referring to the site on the right? Do you have any inferences as to the provider of the decommissioned trailers? Thank you so much and warmest regards :),+Pawtucket,+RI+02860/@41.870559,-71.406437,563m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x89e44498a13becab:0x35e5e5ecc7d4e08d

Thank you so much, Mr. Lemois, for your courtesy in publicizing your classification of me, my family members and numerous other members of the Pawtucket Riverfront neighborhood as those, who “do not live on School St. or next to the site and are the vocal minority who want Pawtucket to continue to flounder”. On behalf of my family as a scholar and researcher, I would like to advise you that the most effective way to find out what others think is simply by asking them questions in a manner that is civil and does not compromise your integrity. I refer to this process as qualitative phenomenological inquiry. The aspect of integrity is especially important in your case since you claim to be an aspiring politician. Contrary to your assertion, neither I nor my family members want the city of Pawtucket to “flounder” (interesting choice of the word). Moreover, I have not delegated the role of my spokesperson to you, so please do not dispense with words that compromise your dignity as a human. As a Philosophy Doctor in Entrepreneurial Leadership candidate I support business. However, I also maintain high ethical standards for firms conducting business. As I have expressed before in my letter to Mayor Grebien, the Pawtucket City Council, and the Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals, I do not find companies that end their operations due to violations and then re-open operations under a different name and ownership structure to be ethical and socially responsible. I can cite numerous scientific articles to support my assertion. I can also city numerous scientific studies on the impact that tracking operations have on residential neighborhoods and riverfront areas with a list of towns and cities across the United States that have worked with their trucking companies’ management to relocate the firms away from their riverfront areas to locations on the outskirts of town and cities that provide easy highway access. M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. is already located in such an area. There is a construction going on next to M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. I wonder if Ms. Majkut has sought to expand in her existing area and why she has not entertained sites that Mayor Grebien pointed as more suitable for the expansion of her company.

Mr. Lemois, your assertion that people residing on streets connecting School and Prospect Streets “wish to impose their will against the majority” is improperly placed. Clearly, they are residential property owners and taxpayers, just like my husband and I, and have the right to traffic safety on School and Prospect Streets, and Beverage Hill Avenue that lead them away from their homes and into their homes. Moreover, some of the residents and neighbors of the Pawtucket Boys and Girls Club signed a petition to stop M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. from relocating to School Street on the basis of environmental, traffic safety, geological, and noise pollution issues. As you may not be aware, Mr. Lemois, while the Pawtucket Boys and Girls Club is under construction, numerous residents and visitors park their vehicles along School Street while participating in games. They then leave the events and must enter their vehicles from the School Street side. We are glad that some of them find parking near our home on Riverview Avenue because it is much safer that the busy School Street. Mr. Lemois, I agree with your assertion that 11% unemployment rate in Pawtucket should be a concern. However, I also know that the only way to minimize the unemployment rate is to match the skills of the Pawtucket unemployed with job skills sought by the Pawtucket and the vicinity’s employers. The prospect of creating 9 jobs by M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. (Majkut, 2014) over the period of 5 years to facilitate the operations of 5 additional trucks would necessitate a training process to produce 9 persons with special licensing to operate tractor-trailers. Can you point at an agency that might provide funding for such training? Regarding "Pawtucket is becoming the next city to declare bankruptcy if we don't attract even more businesses to our city." (Lemois, 2014), I most certainly agree. However, M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. is an existing Pawtucket based business. Also, how do we attract new business into our city that plans to relocate a trucking company from its outskirts to its riverfront and introduce tractor-trailers into the traffic dynamic of 3 of its busiest streets? While we on the topic of street traffic safety, have you seen any Pawtucket police officers patrolling the traffic on School and Prospect Streets and Beverage Hill Revenue as Mr. Ferland asserted? I have not seen any for a long time. Perhaps while we debate the necessity to match job candidates’ skills with job requirements, the Pawtucket police officers can begin patrolling School and Prospect Streets and Beverage Hill Avenue to not only promote street safety but bring revenue to the city of Pawtucket. I have been a Rhode Island resident since 2007 upon relocating from Massachusetts. You have asked me about my position on the difference between the levels of the city of Cranston pass through aid vs. the one of the city of Pawtucket. I will be “politically correct” in responding that the reason for this statistically significant difference is encapsulated in one key word “Cranston”. As the Pawtucket Boys and Girls Club abutter, I have many an opportunity to enjoy the green spaces. I also take bike rides along School Street to the St. Mary’s Cemetery and pass by the Bishop Bend site daily. As I stated loudly in the presence of Ms. Majkut after the Monday’s vote, it only takes 1 accident to swing the public opinion against the tractor-trailer business navigating the busy riverfront traffic. There was 1 fatality on School Street that claimed the life of a disabled person. The Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals members did not even bother obtaining details regarding the critical incident. On behalf of my family, the fellow members of the Pawtucket Riverfront neighborhood, and visitors alike, I will remain pragmatic about M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.’s relocating to School Street and sincerely hope that the Rhode Island Superior Court overturns the Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals’ decision.

Isn't it amazing that a high school dropout is having a conservation with a "scholar and researcher". I love that about the America I fought for for 22yrs as a MSgt of Marines having been retired early at 50% disability and now 100%. It was well worth it.

My opportunity of having been born, raised in Pawtucket and living away during my tour, owning a home in So. California, then finally feeling the "pull" to return in 1998, I have been able to see the extreme contrast of how Pawtucket has degraded over the decades. And it IS extreme. There has been no appreciable improvements. The improvements are expressed are from a negative starting point and are touted as gains. Marketing propaganda at it's worst.

We have had UNSAFE conditions on School St., where the 25 mph limit is laughable. I have witnessed no crackdown or competent enforcement as this issue stands now. NEMF trailer trucks and MANY other companies use this road that is capable of handling much more traffic than it present capacity. Friday and Saturday nights during the warmer months rival those nights at Seekonk Speedway, with Motorcycles and wannabe import "race" cars. Not complaining, mind you...only pointing out that your whining about your safe interaction on School St. I also have ridden bikes in California, having received tickets for not remaining stopped at traffic lights. Bicycles ARE enforced to obey ALL rules of the road there. Riding on a sidewalk will result in a fine and a Saturday in traffic school. Yes, I've had to do that with my kids. Bicyclist are required by by RI law to remain at the far right side of the law, single file, unless making legal left hand turns. Where is all you faux concern over that safety aspect?

Let's face it. You're really a tree hugging, NIMBY, radical progressive democrat and I fully respect that. That is a right I swore to defend and protect, and that oath had no expiration date.

I have 2 kids and 6 grandchildren in the local area who visit very regularly. (The main reason I moved back to RI in 1998, family).

Your political rebuttal "Cranston" is a non-answer of course. As democrats welcome more legal immigrants and illegal aliens into our state that has been rated at the top of country wide lists for having the most generous entitlement programs, you either need to support businesses expand/moving anew into Pawtucket or paying more of you fair share to support city and state services. Cranston, again, having only 10% larger population yet receiving 200% of State Aid, is a very relevant question of approximately $6,000,000 shortfall to Pawtucket. The revenue can either be created or taxes can be necessarily raised. It is your side of this debates call.

But, believe me, it is impossible to not have one or the other. The safety of the streets is suffering with the breakdown of the infrastructure repairs. Yes, we will bonds on this years ballot aka city credit card to go further in debt with our "stable" Baa credit rating, due to, as an article states, the shrinking size of Pawtucket's tax base.

And the only way to make up the deficit/lack of taxes is to either increase the tax base in a city that has little to offer the 11% unemployment rate of Pawtucket and people who have the means move to much 'greener' pastures, so to speak.

I have caught stripers off the Pawtucket Pier #2 and personally think $2.7 million is a waste of tax money, but hey. It's mainly EPA funded. I will give it by the end of 2016, and it will become degraded as their is now solid plan for funding over a 5 yr plan outlook. Knee jerk reacting government. We can't even get bushes and trees trimmed to give free access along sidewalks, for the safe passage of pedestrians, on School St. without 'harassing the city into action. You do realize there is a bare minimum of public works personnel, struggling, due to a cutting of the city budget by holding spending down.

Am I advocating for MORE spending by the government as a, God forbid, a Republican. YES, when it comes to maintaining the city to some minimally accepted standard of cleanliness, safety, and repair.

I fully support you right to want bicycle only streets and trees to hug. I hug trees, heck, I am livid that trees are being cut down along the roadways, where there natural conversion process of carbon dioxide is desperately need, rather than trim them from the electric wire delivery system that runs to your house and mine. I also want a balance, that in order to have necessary city functions to maintain the city requires NEW tax revenue or a great raising of property taxes. I'd rather see a balance of pro business and pro environment work together. After all, there is more green area along the river than you've probably never put or ever will put your boots or eyes directly on.

P.S. Guilt closes don't work on a Director of Sales for a global company, but now retired. Why do you hate business and I love business is the topic. I'm sure you'd be offended if I pray that you company/business suddenly go bottoms up because is not wholly a 100% green company. Even driving an "environmentally" friendly car, the batteries are deadly when disposed of at the end of service life, and the auxiliary engine DOES emit some amount of emissions. My point, don't throw rocks in a solar panel powered glass house. Cooperate, negotiate. My fully retired status does leave me much time to also be pragmatic. Heck, I've been up since 1:30am and will be rocking it all day. LOL BRING,IT.ON. have a safe day, look both ways before crossing the street. BTW, I HAVE done 3 John Marino open road races amongst many century, dbl century, and criterions with my bike club in So. California, but I digress. Heck I'm almost a 59 yrs old ancient retiree. :D Please forgive my butchering of any grammar/spelling. Remember, you're dealing with an old, dumb, high school dropout Marine, retiree. Enjoy the day.

I want a balance of business and environment. Not a one sided myopic, Not In My BackYard, view. Be open minded and not closed and narrow minded. I believe and accept my accountability for supporting M&G Transportation and Trucking relocating and expanding jobs and city tax revenues for a maintained, safe, and prosperous community.

Red stars are current industrial business that have 18 wheeler deliveries. Red circle is the wasteland that M&G wants to move to and improve.

This is my striper caught in the Seekonk River off the Pawtucket Pier #2

One of my six local grandchildren as WE do enjoy the outdoors. (I have nine, 1 in western MA and 2 in Tyler, TX.) I am concerned for the legacy we will leave them.

I grew up in Pawtucket. That area has been a blight for as long as I can tell. My aunt lives in the area now. I would just caution everyone to drive by Allens Ave in Providence - look up at the mounds of scrap metal - so tall they look like they're going to fall over on the street. This could have been - and one day hopefully will be - a beautiful waterfront attraction. Same with this area in Pawtucket. It's poised perfectly with the good neighbor, the "Y" and a developing "park". Can't the city put its creative thinking cap on and now toss it away to a trucking company? Is that the best the city can do? I don't pretend to have answers, but it rattles the sensibilities that this makes any sense at all.

The current location of the trucking company is perfectly suitable for 18-wheeler traffic at all hours, as it is immediately adjacent to the interstate highway and railroad, has no residential neighbors and minimal foot traffic. Even though the proposed site is zoned industrial, the traffic issue concomitant with a trucking company was of concern to most people who spoke at the first Planning Board hearing earlier this year which I attended.

At that hearing people like Morris Nathanson spoke about the city's long road to revitalizing the riverfront; I spoke briefly, and concurred. In the early 70's the first Pawtucket ZAP (Zero All Pollution) to begin cleaning up the river was held, and I showed up to do my bit. Now it's forty years later, the "hotel coming soon" signs have come and gone and there is still great room for improvement. Now is not the time to backslide.

This past year I attended several RhodeMapRI sessions ( at which the state's view of regional assets and vision for future regional development were presented, with special focus on preserving greenspace. At every meeting we reviewed table-sized maps of the state which depicted various color-coded aspects of each region such as historic, commercial, industrial, residential, environmental contamination, and recreational greenspace. At one of the sessions I noted that the greenspace legend included not just the expected parks and farms, but cemeteries. My heart sank with the realization that most of Pawtucket's recreational greenspace is cemetery land; hardly living it up.

The riverfront is not My Backyard, but it's Our Backyard, and every city resident should expect it to be as clean and safe as possible, including access roads. It is unthinkable to be considering forfeiting rare recreational space for nine jobs. Also, thank you Alina B. Wreczycki for taking the time and trouble to speak up for this important issue that affects all of us.

The riverfront IS my back yard.

Friday, I did visit M&G Trucking. The surrounding property is marked for sale, yet, the owner has refused to negotiate or even consider it's sale.

The surrounding property is NOT large enough for the proposed $2.2 million dollar expansion of the business.

The Zoning Board sent an inspector out to M&G Trucking and determined that the trailers that surround their property is NOT M&G's property.

The owner's ARE Pawtucket residents and are loyal to Pawtucket.

The plans for construction are VERY responsible. Yes, I looked CLOSELY at them.

The owners are not only building for business purposes, there is an included noise abatement/landscaping scheme which one of the owners has personally gone to each property owner directly adjacent to Bishop's Bend/Point site.

The owner's have indicated the dedication of an area that will be left to consideration for a boat ramp should funding ever become available and are leaving options open for parking if one should be built.

M&G was in fact shut down. WAIT! It was during a transfer of ownership within the family, that's all. They are a responsible and caring company.

Pawtucket, as a whole, is broken and dirty. That is the true shame. The property that sits as another eyesore wasteland that should receive ALL the attention presently given to Bishop's Bend is the corner of Division St & Water St. The excuses are piled high on the failure to put a business there. Apex building, another area that requires attention.

Folks. M&G IS a responsible, Pawtucket family owned and operated business that loves and cares about Pawtucket. That is the reason they are fighting the vocal minority and acquiescing to the concerns that have been brought to their attention. They want to increase their business and jobs and add to the tax base of Pawtucket. They do NOT want to flee the state. That IS a relief.

Stop with the one sided environmental extremist yelling. This will be a balance approach that is even biased on the side of safety and environmental issues.

During our discussions, the owners were open to the suggestion of hiring local to Bishop's Bend (where we have a pool of potential workers close by for the many ancillary jobs that are NOT truck driving jobs). This will be a discussion to be had AFTER their plans to build are finally unencumbered by the few that don't want to see any businesses in an already busy area of Bishop's Bend. After all, School St. and Prospect St. are 2 lane, state highways for a reason.....

I pray that the successful outcome for M&G Trucking comes soon. The unemployed in Pawtucket are waiting for even MORE community minded business to help Pawtucket become prosperous, once again. NOT wallow in the doldrums that it is presently in.

Thank you and WELCOME!

Mr. Lemois, thank you for your responses. I will gladly take a position on the additional topics that you have addressed upon returning home.

For now, may I engage your time and intellectual energy to answer 3 questions?

Based on the wording in the above article’s last paragraph and the City of Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals' 7/7/14 meeting minutes, "Prior to approving the applications, McKinnon re-emphasized a point that Majkut agreed to during deliberations: that the owners of M & G Trucking cooperate in the future to allow greater access to the riverfront." - why does not the City of Pawtucket administration through its Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman, Mr. McKinnon, mention the fact that the City of Pawtucket already has direct access to Seekonk River through Bishop Street? Also, can you find any traces of Bishop Street leading from School Street to Seekonk River between 775 School Street and 835 School Street properties?

Contrary to your hypothesis "M&G was in fact shut down.", I assure you that M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. has not been shut down since its incorporation in 2006. M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. operates with lower than the trucking industry average standards for vehicle and driver inspections. Also, M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. driving personnel caused 2 crashes within the last 2 years. Islands Express, incorporated in 1996 by Mr. Mark Majkut (the husband of Ms. Melody Majkut), ceased its operations in 2004. According to Ms. Melody Majkut, whom I conversed with on Saturday, July 5, 2014, the cessation of Island Express operations was caused by the Majkut brothers (3) wanting to pursue independent business ventures or "go their separate ways" as Ms. Majkut expressed. Interestingly, at that point, the Department of Transportation issued a Docket citing numerous violations of Island Express of 1 San Antonio Way, Pawtucket, RI. Can you explain to me why Mr. Mark Majkut has not played an active role in matters of M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. in front of the City of Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals? When it comes to popular press rather that the academic press, the terminology of "the owners" can be used in reference to M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. because the popular press is not governed by the rules and restrictions of the academic press. However, in the City of Pawtucket's documentation only Ms. Melody Majkut is being referenced as a person authorized to represent the matters of M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. before the City of Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals.

It is not my intent, Mr. Lemois to analyze or judge your level of education. Clearly, I have not made any inquiries about your education nor any other aspects of your personal life. You have disclosed your personal information voluntarily.

No, Mr. Lemois, contrary to your advice, I will not wait or “WAIT”. Since I covered the entrepreneurial ownership structures during my undergraduate studies in finance (I also have an MBA with global finance concentration with 3.9 GPA), I will gladly examine the ownership structure of M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. in the context of its commercial property assessment value, commercial property tax payment status as well as corporation tax filings and corporation tax payments status.

Transparency, Mr. Lemois, is the most effective method to substantiate whether a claim of "being responsible and caring" can be defended in public.

First, Mark Majkut, has not played an active role in front of the zoning board, because, unlike me, he MAY not have the patience to put up with the condescending tone and demeanor you put forth. Also, NOT everyone has it in their personal make-up to be comfortable in a public forum. My wife is one of those. And she is a very great woman. Having met and talked with Mark, I can assure you he only wants his business to grow responsibly IN Pawtucket.

Second, you are the intellectual midget who first put forth their "credentials" in a "look down upon thee from on high" context:
-Philosophy Doctor in Entrepreneurial Leadership
As you attempt to belittle others, I take it with a grain of salt considering the source.

This is about a responsible company that does NOT want to move across the border to Massachusetts. This is NOT about some huge corporation. This is NOT about lack of access to the Seekonk River. This is NOT about Mark Majkut's soft spoken, not in your face personality.

THis is about a very few vocal minority, who for hidden reasons, MAYBE to side with Councilman Barry's irrelevant and impotent desire to construct a fantasy condominium project there? Hmmm? Look at the unheralded 'success' on the corner of Water St and DIvision Street. How long has Councilman Barry been stroking that impotently??? Failure.

Makes me wonder, exactly what the return on the investment of YOUR time and effort would be from such a project?

Why do you hate the idea of bringing jobs to those that are unemployed with Pawtucket's approximately 11% unemployment, even higher if you factor in the U-6 report.

Have you taken your children and grandchildren down to the Pawtucket Pier #2 to feed the geese and ducks? Have you fished along side with the many down there?

What exactly is the REAL reason you sit in you nice house on Riverview and be an obstacle to helping the people of Pawtucket?

Why, if you are such a success as a Philosophy Doctor in Entrepreneurial Leadership, you haven't practiced what you teach and are sitting back enjoying the fruits of your purported wealth of knowledge?

There is a saying we used in the Marine Corps "Those who can't do teach." I've been trying to 'unlearn' that after my 22 yrs of service in the USMC, but then I come across folks like you that bolster that 'bigoted' belief.

You should lend your so called expertise as a Philosophy Doctor in Entrepreneurial Leadership, and assist companies such as M&G Trucking to become MORE successful in the community that needs the jobs and work with them to accomplish your "environmental concerns.

How deep are you in with Councilman Barry? Enquiring minds want to know. I think I shall knock upon your door with a camera crew so we can just stop this petty back and forth and clear the air. Surely, you would agree to that?

P.S. I am NOT aspiring to be a POLITICIAN. I have NEVER been nor will a be a POLITICIAN. I want to represent the folks in DIstrict 15, and like the election process, I will abide and represent the MAJORITY of the folks, the way the want a issue resolved. That is the DEMOCRATic way they have their representative fight for them.

POLITICIANS are exactly why I am running to help rattle the cages of those that have held power OVER the people of Pawtucket and Rhode Island for far too long and have lead us to the crumbling, corrupt environment we live with now. I am a US Citizen, born and raised in Pawtucket who left to fight and defend the Constitution as ordered by superiors acting in accordance with POLICIES MADE BY POLITICIANS aka 'the suits and ties brigade'. Look where that has us now. I WILL be a change facilitator FOR the people of Pawtucket AND Rhode Island. <HUGE smile>.

Mr. Lemois, your conduct while publicizing written communication pertaining to me has crossed into the zone of libel and defamation of character.

Additionally, you have publically offended the City of Pawtucket Councilor John Barry whom I do not know personally.

Unless you contact the Valley Breeze’s administration on Monday morning of July 14, 2014 to remove your post of today, Sunday, July 13, 2014, at 10:38 AM EST as soon as practically possible, you will be hearing from my attorney.

Any attempt to trespass on my personal property will be met with an appropriate police action and corresponding legal action against you.

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this exchange in which the PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper) wrapped it up by having the predictable temper tantrum of "I'm calling my lawyer!" I find it amazing that someone so highly educated and obviously quite taken with themself would sink to level of such a weak threat when clearly no such line has been crossed. Since you are being so open about yourself, perhaps you would grace us with providing the name of your attorney. Certainly, those of us watching this from the sidelines would be valuable witnesses in any such action for which you think you have grounds.

You are most welcome, Ms. Rivet, and thank you so much for your kind post outlining your deep concern for our riverfront and the trajectory of the previous meetings, which I did not have an opportunity to attend due to my professional and academic commitments. As you can infer from the trajectory of the posts, the issue is so important to our city that it evokes deep emotions and causes some individuals to compromise their dignity, act in an accusatory manner, and through the use of derogatory language such as “How deep are you in with Councilman Barry?” (Lemois, 2014) imply that a Pawtucket residential property owner cannot hold an individual opinion without being connected to the opinion of the City of Pawtucket elected official. I infer that Councilor John Barry is opposed to the relocation of M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. from 1 San Antonio Way to 775 School Street. However, with all due respect to Councilor John Barry, I have not yet met with him in person. I have not spoken with him on the phone or contacted him besides directing a copy of my initial letter to Mayor Donald Grebien and the entire City of Pawtucket Council. I have formulated my stance on the issue based on 6 years of residency on Riverview Avenue in Pawtucket. Prior to 2008, I frequently visited my mom who has been residing in the Pawtucket riverfront area since 1993. My stance is supported by my interviews of residential property owners from the Charlton, Riverview, Pearson, and Maryland Avenues and Bishop, School and Prospect Street neighborhoods who gladly signed my petition to stop M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. from relocating to 775 School Street. The topic has already made its way to the libraries of both academic institutions I am affiliated with. I am in possession of complete documentation that has supported M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.’s petition to obtain a use variance and special use permit from the City of Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals and will continue to investigate every piece of data to point out negligence in testing and documenting environmental, traffic, geological, and noise pollution issues associated with relocating M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. from 1 San Antonio Way on the outskirts of Pawtucket to 775 School Street in the Pawtucket riverfront. Meanwhile, I wish the appealing abutters the best of luck with entering and pursuing their objections through the Rhode Island Superior Court's system. Warmest regards.

"A shortage of qualified truck drivers both here and across the U.S. is causing some companies to step up recruiting practices and refocus their attention on
regional hauls. Mark Barnes, coowner of Spokane-based
Fast Way Freight Inc., says companies that send
drivers on regional or local hauls can have better
luck hiring and retaining drivers; however, regional companies are experiencing some shortage as well.
"We're in a segment that's a little easier, but
we've seen it slow down," Barnes says. "We've
definitely felt it tighten up." Regional and local drivers, he says, have the advantage of being home every night, whereas long-haul drivers might be gone for two or three weeks at a time. Jeff Benesch, vice president of personnel for Cheney-based Trans-System Inc. says,
"The long haul schedule is so irregular, it makes it tough. But it's a pivotal part of the trucking industry."
Trans-System, which operates System Transport Inc., TWT Refrigeration Service, and James J. Williams Bulk Transport, has outlets around the country and runs both long and regional hauls, Benesch says. Spokane Valley-based Inland Empire Distribution Systems Inc., which only
drives within a 150-mile radius of its locations in Spokane and Pasco, WA, also has had an easier time retaining drivers. However, company President and CEO Jim Ewers says it's feeling the effects of the shortage as well. "Overall we're seeing a tightening in driver supply even at the local level," Ewers says. As a company, Benesch says, Trans-System has to take a look at the shortage and come up with a plan to meet its growth goals. "We spend a significant amount of money on advertising to attract drivers, both experienced and new," he says. Benesch says the company uses different media to recruit drivers, including newspaper ads and social media. Social media, he says, is the company's No. 1 source for recruiting. Barnes says Fast Way runs ads to recruit drivers as well, but also relies heavily on word-of-mouth. Because it offers drivers a more regular schedule, the company has slightly more success recruiting, he says. "We do have an easier time recruiting, but that may change. We think it's going to get harder," Barnes says. IEDS is also stepping up recruiting practices to attract drivers, say Ewers and company human resources coordinator Tary Lambert.
"We're casting our net further and longer to get qualified applicants," says Ewers. "We're advertising longer in different publications. We also keep our market wage and benefits up to date." Lambert says the company also has
experienced a shift in taking recruiting practices online, something she says many companies in the industry are
doing. To become a qualified driver in the state of Washington, Benesch says, the state Department of Licensing has mandated that an applicant must complete 160
hours of training prior to taking the Class A Commercial Driver's License test. The training consists of behindthe-
wheel training, backing up, proficiency development, and
classroom work, he says. Benesch also says that the state DOL will recognize the prior experience of military
veterans who might come into training having already driven
big trucks while in the service. "They can bypass some of the requirements and apply their military experience to taking the CDL," he says. A variety of factors are contributing to the shortage, say Benesch and Barnes.
Barnes says that younger people aren't as interested in being career drivers, and Benesch says that a large number
of experienced drivers are now nearing retirement age.
Another problem, Benesch says, is the federal program known as Compliance Safety Accountability, which tracks and
directly monitors individual drivers, not just the trucking companies. If a driver has any problems or infractions, it goes on that person's CSA record permanently. He also says that Trans-System has
seen a 3 to 5 percent drop in productivity due to new federal regulations limiting the number of service hours a driver can log between rest breaks or without days
off. "Long-haul drivers get paid by the mile," Benesch says. "When you have productivity loss, it equates to drivers' paychecks." At Trans-System, Benesch says, a driver fresh out of training will make somewhere
between $34,000 and $43,000 annually, depending on what division they're in. An experienced driver, he says, typically will earn between $50,000 and $60,000, and could earn as much as $90,000 as solo drivers in certain situations. Barnes also attributes the shortage
to economic improvements, saying that when the economy is better, drivers have more job options close to home.
"When the economy starts improving and construction and housing start to grow, you see the driver pool drop
because these guys can stay home and make money doing a construction job, and not have to be gone all the time," he
says. The time away from home, Benesch says, is the toughest obstacle to overcome when trying to recruit
long-haul drivers. "In several segments, drivers aren't afforded a 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday schedule," he says. "We try to compensate them for being gone." To combat the shortage, Trans-System is attempting to regionalize more of its fleet, Benesch says, by focusing on loyal area customers. "By going into niche markets and
working with dedicated customers, we're getting our drivers home faster," he says. Benesch also says that Trans-System expects to add another 40 trucks to its
fleet in the next year. The challenge, he says, will be attracting enough drivers to operate them. "Not only are we purchasing those assets, but we need to find drivers to fill those seats," he says. "The long-haul truck driver is a dying breed." Trans-System, Benesch says, employs
certain strategies to retain its drivers. He says that corporately, the company has an annual driver-turnover rate of about 35 percent. Benesch says he believes
the industry average turnover rate to be around 80 percent. Trans-System retains its drivers by focusing on recognition, communication, implementing new technology, compensation, and training drivers through its school. Driver Training and Solutions. Trans-System processes anywhere from 800 to 1,000 driver applications a month, he says. Of those, he says, only one of every 15 applicants is qualified to be hired. When hiring drivers, the
company looks at the applicant's driving record, certifications, CSA scores, and job history, he says.
In 2012, he says, the company had 854 drivers; currently it has about 900. While that's an increase in overall drivers, it's not enough to keep up with the rising
demand, Benesch says. "When we look at growth, we're adding
those 40 new trucks next year, and I have a very limited stream of applicants to fill them," he says. Ewers says that IEDS has been able to keep up with demand; the company ran 16 trucks last year, and is running 20 this
year. However, he says, it's planning to add more capacity.
The American Trucking Association has said that to keep up with demand, an average of 96,000 drivers need to be
hired nationally every year. If demand continues to increase, that number could grow to as many as 240,000 drivers annually by the 2022, the association says.
For the trucking industry as a whole, Benesch says, the consequences of the driver shortage could result in longer
shipping time, and rising wages. "It lowers our abuity to meet demand. There's more freight out there than trucks
to haul it," he says. Barnes says, "It's supply and demand.
You'll see freight rates go up and costs will go up."
Barnes also says the shortage could result in delays in deliveries. "There's a ripple effect to it," he says.
"If you're a manufacturer and you can't ship as expeditiously, there's delays, it could shut down production and/or deliveries to your customer."
Journal of Business, Vol. 28, Issue 23, November 7, 2013.

Let's put the Civil back into Civil Discourse, otherwise next election Pawtucket residents may be voting for the city's new Chief Petty Officer.

One thing I can say for the good doctor, she can type as much as I can be long winded.

I'm not going to understand her diatribe.

Pawtucket unemployed- The question remains. Do you want a job friendly environment or continue to be kept down?

Do you want a responsible family (who live in Pawtucket) owned business to grow in Pawtucket?

Will you stand by while the vocal minority YELLS from the comfort of their Riverview home, with a near sighted view of the struggles of Pawtucket's unemployed workers?

Why would one, with so much education, be so unconcerned at the economic woes of the families that are trying to put a meager meal on the table with SNAP, just wanting a decent job.

Not only will M&G Trucking bring more business to Beverage Hill & School St area, the additional business that they will require from local vendors will also better our economy.

It's a win-win situation with a company who is bearing responsibility for not only business, but also for environmental and safety issues.

This would be considered bringing more to Pawtucket on the proverbial "silver platter".

Stop keeping the blue collar worker and unemployed down.

Have at whatever blanks you want to shoot at this 100% Disabled American Veteran, who was retired Honorably as a Master Sergeant of Marines after 22 yrs of service fighting for your right to type what drivel you may. I support your right to do that.

I now fight against people like you who stomp on the blue collar working class.

Now, go blow your nose and put on your grown-up pants. Geezus. I was only asking questions.

Because if you're not, you should be. Talk about being in someone's pocket, sheesh.
So nice to see you in the vanguard of the Pawtucket unemployed, fighting the good fight and carrying the water for M&G trucking. To think that the move from Woodlawn to Bishop Bend is going to do much for the downtrodden unemployed of Pawtucket and lead to a new transportation spin off utopia, you have such vision, please run for mayor. Maybe we can have a slaughterhouse on Division Street in place of a hotel, why not, more jobs right?
Since neighborhood concerns are out the door, let's put junk yards and metal recycling lots back on the waterfront, because WE NEED JOBS. come on Steve , what else can you get for us?

Contrary to Ms. Melody Majkut’s oral and voluntary representation presented to me on Saturday, July 5, 2014 (when she approached me with a question “May I help you?” while I had been visually counting the number of tractors and trailers located on her commercial property from San Antonio Way) of M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. “receiving only 1 violation” pertaining to failures of vehicle and driver inspections, M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.’s vehicle inspection failure rate has increased from 10% to 13.3% to be interpreted as 4 vehicles failing the inspection out of 30 vehicles inspected. While M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.’s vehicle inspection failure rate is still lower than the trucking industry average (20.72% - 2009-2010), its increase within the past year is an area of concern. M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.’s driver inspection failure rate has remained almost unchanged to be interpreted as 10.7% vs. 10.9% or 6 drivers failing the inspection out of 56 drivers inspected. M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. caused one crash with injury within the past 2 years. While M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.’s Department of Transportation standing is “satisfactory”, M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.’s driver inspection failure rate that is almost twice the rate of the trucking industry average rate (5.51% 2009-2010) is an area of concern.

The polutter of our river:$File/CAFO%20CWA-01-2010-0050.pdf

Elements of interest in its filing history of mandated forms by the Rhode Island Secretary of State:

Tax Assessor's Plat 37, Lots 474, 500, 380, 381, 382, 419, 495, 522, 532, and 541 assessment value and commercial property tax payment status to follow upon verification at the Pawtucket City Hall on Thursday AM.

I have read M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.'s "Truck Traffic on School Street now" report presented as evidence to the City of Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals in consideration of M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. applying for a use variance under Section 410-12(11)(A) and Section 410-10(C) for truck repair and office use and a special use permit under Section 410-12(17)(D) for a freight/trucking terminal.

According to the document, 34 trucks came down School Street near Boys and Girls Club on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 between 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM. Although the report does not stipulate what kind of "trucks" were counted, one would expect M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. to be ethical and objective in its study and solely focus on tractor-trailer counting similar to M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc's fleet to present a fair comparison of the existing tractor-trailer traffic on School Street versus the projected tractor-trailer traffic on School Street upon the projected introduction of the M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.’s tractor-trailer fleet into the School Street traffic dynamic.

Mr. & Mrs. Majkut, I assure you,when a tractor-trailer on School Street passes our house, we can feel geological disturbance and hear noise pollution. Thirty-four tractor-trailers passing by our house within 2.5 hour time interval would constitute a tremendous amount of shaking as well as noise pollution – very diffucult to miss, in fact.

I have examined M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.’s projected Site Landscaping Plan prepared by Ayoub Engineering. It is very impressive indeed. Would it be appropriate to inquire how it is projected to be financed since “the word on the street” has it that the purchase of the Pawtucket Tax Assessor's Plat 37, Lots 474, 500, 380, 381, 382, 419, 495, 522, 532, and 541 for $1.2MM is 50% equity and 50% debt financed?

Additionally, I do not see any area dedicated to the used tractor-trailer tires that are currently stored on your commercial property located at 1 San Antonio Way along with broken down and detoriating equipment that does not appear to have any connection with the tractor-trailer business. Would you advise the Pawtucket riverfront community how you intend to address the disposal of industrial waste such as tires, oil, broken down equipment, etc.?

The Pawtucket Zoning Board inspector has determined that the trailers located outside of M&G Trucking's property is NOT theirs...As you already know.

It's none of your business how they plan on financing their expansion. If they are in business dealings with pawtucket for plots that are are not producing taxes and the city wants to increase revenue through the sale of said lots, then your business WAS with the city. And they decided. Where is your concern over the many who receive a favorable disposition of their city taxes by the Council?

It's none of your business how the legally and safely store industrial waste in safe quantities until they accumulate a volume that is fiscally responsible to have it disposed of. That's DEM's responsibility and our responsibility to hold DEM's feet to the fire, so to speak. Sitting here chuckling. Are you the type that goes exactly the speed limit in the far left lane because you're 'right' even though by law you're wrong?

It should be your concern that a company that is responsible for a safe, environmentally minded operation wants to relocate in Pawtucket, rather than fleeing the state, and increasing its business footprint that will bring an economic upswing to the area.

Why do you continue to spout vitriol towards the working class who are unemployed with Pawtucket's approximately 11% U-1 unemployment? That doesn't count those that have ran out of benefits, quit looking, or are underemployed. Hmmm?

Welcome to living off a two-lane state highway. Caveat emptor. I live ON School St.

Stop with the whining already. Living where you do on Riverview, enjoy your comfort. BTW. As soon as you used your name as a the poster, it is unbelieveable what records are publicly available on ALL of us, eh?

Why of all the green areas that a person of your education could have used their life successes to move to did you move to Pawtucket in 2007? I'm curious. I moved back here because I was born and raised here and my immediate family is ALSO located between School St and Prospect St, along with many friends. The geographical disturbances of the passing vehicles don't bother them or are accepted as living between two directions of State Highway 114.

To quote Shakespeare, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks". (Not a bad reach for a dumb Marine, eh? lol)

What else can I get for you? Nothing, evidently. You are a person who will never accept reality with a balance of business, safety, environmental attention by any company.

They bring jobs and increase in tax revenue that will be useful, no doubt, in the maintenance of the improved open/recreation space that is located a very short distance north of you at the Pawtucket Pier #2. You can also walk the short path along the riverbank, as my wife and I have walked with our grandkids. There are many trees to hug there...many. Personally, I'd rather talk to my houseplants. lol

Let's see to sum up. Improve on an unused wasteland at Bishop's Bend. Increased tax revenue for Pawtucket. Jobs for Pawtucket. (which I can organize to parade in front of your residence on the public sidewalk, with very local residents. Hey, SEIU does it so it must be ok, eh?) A company that is owned and operated by a Pawtucket family, not an uncaring huge corporation. M&G is also going far beyond expectations at attempting to appease an unappeasable party- you. The patience the company is demonstrating in their dealings with you is admirable.

I know they will be a welcome neighbor with the many other industries located in the Bishop's Bend area of School St and Beverage Hill Ave. Heck, I even love the sound of success with the other trucking company headquartered in Pawtucket that 'rumbles' by my apartment ON School St. That geographical disturbance and 'noise', well, heck, that is the sound of prosperity. I am thankful for the sound of fire and rescue vehicles going past my place. That also is a sign that Pawtucket has at least enough revenue to continue financing emergency services.

Thank God for prosperity! We are blessed!

I am getting interested enough with this, *yawn*, matter, that I will begin to investigate (I'm a GREAT googler. lol) business relationships that are not considered personal relationships, concerning this matter. The level to which the protestations are over the top has made me curious. Heck, most likely I may find nothing. On the other hand, no telling what the heck I could dig up.

It's like me uncovering that the $500,000 "Perpetual Fund" for cemetery upkeep was 'raided' (for lack of a better word), to assist in balancing Pawtucket's budget. But, I digress.....Sorry.

Steve Lemois, I disagree with your statement , "It's none of your business how the legally and safely store industrial waste in safe quantities until they accumulate a volume that is fiscally responsible to have it disposed of."

The environmental incident that occurred on the west side of the river several years ago when a storage building containing salvaged mercury was ravaged by some local kids, remains within the public's memory. The location and disposal of industrial waste, particularly within leaking distance of our rivers, is definitely the public's business.

Also, on a more trivial note, your statement about the nearby pier, "There are many trees to hug there...many" prompts me to mention that I heard that some of the local fishermen rue the loss of at least one mature shade tree during the recent riverfront rehab; apparently it did not fit in with the McPlan. (Henry David Thoreau would have shaken his head with a plaintive ""A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.") Ms. Wreczycki is not a lone wolf howling in the distance on the riverfront issue, and the first Planning Board session at which this issue was first heard listened to so many people that the meeting was finally continued to a later date at 11PM so that everyone there would eventually get a chance to speak.

Thank you so much Ms. Rivet for affirming that we live in a democratic society in the 21st century and are endowed with free access to information. In this era, ignorance is a choice.

Having a day off from my professional and academic responsibilities and therefore not having to invest 13 hours into travelling to Cambridge, MA via public transportation, working, and returning home, I visited the Pawtucket City Hall to check on the commercial property payment status of Tax Assessor’s Plat 37 Lots 474, 500, 380, 381, 382, 419, 495, 522. 532, and 541 and inspire Ms. Rose McHale, President of Bishop’s Bend Development Corporation to remit a payment in the amount of $8,007.50 for overdue 2014 Q1 commercial property taxes to the City of Pawtucket Tax Assessor’s Office as soon as possible. This request is in view of the fact that the said tax was due on July 15, 2014. Bishop’s Bend Development Corporation and Ms. McHale as its President have been benefiting from an extremely low assessment value of the land owned by the corporation. For example, Bishop’s Bend Development Corporation’s 5K SF commercially zoned land identified as City of Pawtucket Assessor’s Plot 37A Lot 522 is assessed at $6.6K, and Ms. McHale fails to pay the commercial property tax on time. My 85 year-old mother whose house is located on a residentially zoned land of similar size within walking distance from Bishop’s Bend Development Corporation’s land remitted her property tax on time and prepaid 2014 Q2 tax, even though she earns $700 monthly from Social Security and has to pay residential property tax on land assessed at $47.1K. What is wrong with this picture?

The City of Pawtucket will never have enough funds to support its infrastructure and provide decent living conditions for its residents, property owners and tenants alike, if no uniform system of assessing properties is implemented. I therefore implore the Administration of the City of Pawtucket to institute a fair system of assessing residential and commercial property values with due consideration to the accounting rule that land is land, and it does not get depreciated.

I also ascertained that Mr. Mark Majkut, President of M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. is a tenant of the commercial property located at 1 San Antonio Way. So, the potential relocation (pending the appeal and its outcome) of M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. would result in Mr. Majkut being responsible for commercial property taxes on commercially zoned land and 2 buildings. I would assure fair assessment values for both and also Mr. Majkut’s fulfilling all promises made to the City of Pawtucket in exchange for an approval of a use variance under Section 410 - 12(11)(A) and Section 410 - 10(C) for truck repair and office use and a special use permit under Section 410 - 12(17)(D) for a freight/trucking terminal. In the event the appeal process does not produce an overturn of the City of Pawtucket Zoning Board of Appeals decision to grant the said use variance and a special use permit, I want to make it clear that M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc. would be moving to an aware neighborhood whose members are take charge residential property owners who will take a stand on fair property assessment, traffic safety and noise and environmental pollution.

I also had an opportunity to perform an empirical study of tractor-trailer 8-wheel and 16-wheel traffic on School Street near the Pawtucket Boys and Girls Club and ascertained that during 1 hour study time starting from 11:30 AM and commencing at 12:30 PM, there were five 16-wheel tractor-trailers and six 8-wheel tractor-trailers travelling along School Street toward Beverage Hill Avenue. While M & G Trucking and Transportation, Inc.’s study did not specify the definition of “trucks” being counted and therefore resulted in a much higher number of “trucks”, I specifically focused on counting tractor-trailers that M & G Trucking and transportation, Inc. uses in its fleet.

I also had an opportunity to inquire about the status of the Bishop Street’s section from School Street toward the Providence River bank as well as Berry Spring Street, which borders Lots #495 and 500 owned by Bishop’s Bend Development Corporation. I was advised to contact the City of Pawtucket Department of Engineering to see if those streets are “paper streets” (whatever the term means) or real streets. I have left a message with Mr. Silvia and am awaiting his response.

I will post updates as new information presents itself.