Piche takes on Brady for at-large council seat

Piche takes on Brady for at-large council seat

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Shane Piche, a lifelong town resident, says he'll take on incumbent Alice Brady for the at-large Town Council seat in the Nov. 4 general election.

Piche said he feels "honored and grateful" to those who have supported his decision to "represent the voices of our community" with a run for council.

They have lent "kind words of inspiration" and been so generous to him, he said.

"The decision to be elected as a member of the North Providence Town Council is based on a number of reasons and none more important than the fact we, the people, currently lack a voice, a vote, and a leader," said the independent Piche in a news release.

Piche said his childhood memories "are of a community that had so much pride."

"Many of my conversations with young families like mine have expressed their displeasure with the direction our community is heading in," he said. "In fact, many have voiced their interest of moving to a community similar to the North Providence they grew up in.

"The future of our town wants a voice, a vote and a leader who will represent them and not a political party," added Piche. "This is my commitment to the people of North Providence."

Piche said Mayor Charles Lombardi's administration "has worked tirelessly to try and restore the pride and prestige we once knew in this town." Though there have been "significant improvements," the current Town Council "suffers from an undeniable division, a lack of leadership, and lacks accountability," he said.

Though the incumbent Democrat is a "respectful person," said Piche, she "has extreme conflicts of interest that inhibit her ability to govern and represent us to the degree a council member is expected to represent their constituency."

"We cannot afford to have a part-time representative in such an important position in our local government," he said.

"We cannot have a representative who must recuse (herself) from matters regarding police, fire, and (school) issues due to potential conflicts of interest. These topics are the most significant issues our town faces annually and the will of the people must be carried out by their representation in order for this community to improve and continue in the right direction."

Piche said his opponent "is voiceless and lacks the leadership it takes to restore the town to that of a community that is respected and not the center of controversy."

With his goals and work ethic, along with voters' support, "we will be able to overcome the political machine that has had a stranglehold on our community," said Piche. "We can win this election in November and bring a new voice, our voice, to the council."

Piche said he was planning to run four years ago but had to step out of the race after a death in his family. He said the time for complaining is over and the time for action is here.