Reptile rescue

Reptile rescue

(Breeze photos by Ethan Shorey)

We’re just past nesting season for snapping turtles here in southern New England, but there are still plenty of them roaming about local roadways.

A few of us here at The Breeze came across the above snapping turtle camped out on the wrong side of the busy parking lot at our Lincoln offices today. As we were staring at him/her without a clue what to do, a guy named David Parent from Albion drove up in his truck. Parent said he’s seen too many turtles killed by motorists and offered to take the wandering reptile back to the marsh where it came from.

We salute you, Mr. Parent, for doing what we were all too timid to do.

For some helpful tips on what to do if you see a turtle in the road, read here.

Check out pictures of Parent in action below.