Signatures secured, candidates gear up for election season

Signatures secured, candidates gear up for election season

SMITHFIELD - All candidates in town who declared intent to run for office returned the required number of signatures by July 11 to get their names on the ballot - except for one.

Daria Chase, an endorsed Republican candidate for House of Representatives District 53, did not pick up her papers to collect signatures, the town clerk said last week.

With sole opponent Thomas J. Winfield the only name left on the ticket, the 11-term incumbent will walk into his 12th term serving Smithfield and Glocester unopposed.

But the race is on for fellow candidates, many of whom face both a primary and a general election.

In House District 44, serving Smithfield, Lincoln and Johnston, Smithfield resident Philip G. Hirons Jr., Republican, will take on Democratic incumbent Gregory J. Costantino, of Lincoln.

Senate District 22 incumbent Stephen R. Archambault must best both a September primary and November election to hold onto his seat. His challengers are fellow Smithfield residents: Democrat David A. Fasteson and Republican Hasan Alsawaf.

For the five at-large Town Council seats, Democrats and Republicans will each have to file their candidates from six to five in the primaries.

Endorsed candidates incumbent Suzanna L. Alba, incumbent Bernard A. Hawkins, Ryan J. McNelis, Richard W. Nicholson and Gregory J. Tocco will share the September ballot with fellow Democrat Patrick G. Reddy.

On the Republican ticket, unendorsed Scott R. Ringland will fight for a spot against endorsed incumbent Maxine A. Cavanagh, John Cappello, incumbent Alberto J. LaGreca Jr., Richard A. Poirier and John H. Yoakum.

Matthew P. Reddy, son of the Democratic candidate of the same surname, is the only independent running for the board.

With just three candidates on the roster, Republicans will not need a primary for School Committee, of which three of the five at-large seats are up for election. Endorsed candidates Brent A. Barrows, Rose Marie Cipriano and Elizabeth A. Senik-Alsawaf will automatically advance to the general election.

Democrats will have to choose three of its four candidates to do the same. Incumbent Virginia Harnois, Sheila E. O'Connor-Santos and Ronald T. Riley Jr. are endorsed, and will face a primary with Joseph L. Chiodo.

The three independent candidates, and staunch Common Core State Standards opposers, Jennifer Blanchette, Daniel P. Snowman and Rema M. Tomka, all returned enough signatures to earn a place on the November ballot.