Birthday Club

Birthday Club

Aug. 3

Happy Birthday Karen Buckley! From all your friends at The Valley Breeze

Aug. 14

Lily Jankuska, Happy 10th Birthday Lily! Love, Grandpa, Mimmie and Auntie Kathy

Anthony Reed, Happy 60th Birthday Toni! To a great guy, enjoy the Big 60! Love, Cheryl, Derek, Alyssa, Ariana and Mason

Aug. 16

Happy Birthday Joyce (Aug. 16) and Dodee (Aug. 18), from your loving family.

Aug. 17

Christopher Max Nicynski, Happy 9th Birthday! Love, Mammy and Poppy

Aug. 20

Krista and Daniel Tocco, Happy 22nd Birthday! Love, Grammy

Aug. 22

Jean Conroy Anatone, Happy Birthday Mommy! Love, Kyle and husband Bob