Local school dean one of two arrested for illegal fireworks

Local school dean one of two arrested for illegal fireworks

PAWTUCKET - After initially saying there were no arrests for setting off illegal fireworks this year, police now say that two people, one an employee of the Pawtucket School Department, were nabbed for the infraction.

Pawtucket Police Department spokesman Maj. Arthur Martins said that there were no violations at the time of a Breeze inquiry on July 10.

"After a thorough review of the reports by investigators, it was determined that there was sufficient probable cause to charge two people with misdemeanor charges of possession of fireworks," he said. "Both individuals were issued a summons to appear in District Court on Aug. 13."

Bridget Boucher, 40, a resident of Second Street and the student dean at Goff Junior High School, was arrested on July 21 for use and possession of Class C fireworks after allegedly setting them off on July 5.

Patrol Officer Mark Ramos reported that he was dispatched multiple times to 160 Second St. on July 5. He said he saw several aerial explosions as he approached. Ramos said he didn't see anyone actually set off fireworks, but given his prior observations, and "to deter any further nuisance to the neighborhood" following several complaints, the remaining unopened fireworks were seized.

School Supt. Patti DiCenso said that school officials are waiting until the Aug. 13 court date to determine next steps. Since school was out at the time of the incidents, Boucher was not at work and will not return for her first pay period of the new year until Aug. 25. Deans are part of the Pawtucket Teachers' Alliance, said DiCenso.

Anthony Allen, 23, a former student at Tolman High School, according to police, was arrested for use and possession of Class C fireworks following reports of fireworks being set off at his Newport Avenue apartment on the Fourth of July.

Allen and two friends were caught after off-duty Capt. Michael Newman observed them igniting "high-power/altitude" fireworks on the side lawn, according to the police report from that evening. The fireworks still remaining in a car on scene were seized and destroyed, according to police.

Allen was summoned to the Pawtucket Police Department on July 22 and charged with possession of fireworks.

The Breeze reported on July 16 that there had been 203 calls of complaint to police for fireworks, but there had been no arrests made at that point. The majority of the calls, 137, came from June 30 to July 11.

City Council members are requesting that police dedicate more resources to combatting illegal fireworks, citing safety and quality of life concerns, and Chief Paul King has said that he'll look into doing so.