Police warn of increase in thefts from autos

Police warn of increase in thefts from autos

PAWTUCKET - The Pawtucket Police Department is reporting an increase in the number of reported thefts from autos. Police are warning residents and visitors to protect themselves and their valuables.

"We are encouraging residents to take steps to protect their property and prevent crime by not presenting crimes of opportunity," they said in a news release. "If the doors to your vehicle are locked, the windows are fully closed and you do not leave valuables (cell phones, GPS systems, loose change, portable DVD players, computers, gifts, iPods, etc.) in sight, you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of being a victim of crime."

It is also advisable not to leave the cigarette lighter chargers or brackets for GPS systems attached to the windshield since those present clues that a valuable device may be located within a vehicle.

Police are sharing measures to help individuals protects their homes:

* Lock all doors and windows.

* Leave lights on or install a timer.

* Leave a radio or television on or install a timer to indicate that someone may be home.

* And activate the alarm system if the home is equipped with one.

Police say residents should also make arrangements with delivery companies to coordinate the arrival of packages, if practical, with times someone is home. Large boxes and packages have been stolen in the past when left outside of a home, they said.

Police are urging residents to report suspicious activity when they see it.

"The public is a valuable partner in the prevention and solving of crime," they said.

Call 401-726-3911 to report matters that appear out of the ordinary or suspicious. Officers will respond and investigate complaints and observations as quickly as possible.

Direct questions to Maj. Arthur Martins by calling 401-727-9100, ext. 726.