Work will revamp customer experience at Pawtucket City Hall

Work will revamp customer experience at Pawtucket City Hall

PAWTUCKET - A reconstruction project inside Pawtucket City Hall will help officials improve the experience for residents who use the building and make space for a major new business to come into the downtown.

The tax collection wing of City Hall has been gutted and is being redone with modernized furnishings and technology. The plan will allow officials to move tax collections, tax assessor's office and the collections division of the Pawtucket Police Department into one area, said Dylan Zelazo, spokesman for Mayor Donald Grebien.

The idea of the changes is for residents to have one place to go if they need to make a payment on something, and have convenient access to do it, said Zelazo. The eventual goal is to install self-serve kiosks to allow residents and business owners to make wireless payments.

Workers are also moving engineering services from City Hall to the public works facility on Armistice Boulevard, making room to shift the Department of Planning and Redevelopment from the Blackstone Valley Visitor Center across from Slater Mill to City Hall, said Zelazo.

Moving engineering to Armistice Boulevard and planning to City Hall will make way for Pet Food Experts Inc. to make its planned move to the Blackstone Valley Visitor Center at 175 Main St. The move is expected to coincide with the opening of Pet Food Experts in October, he said.

Zelazo told The Breeze that the overall goal of the changes is to consolidate departmental services, creating "efficiencies" and "one spot" for taxpayers to come to when conducting city business.

The total cost of the upgrades at City Hall and public works building is about $25,000, according to Zelazo. Almost all of the work, excluding some technical jobs, is being done by city employees, he said.

The tax collection offices at City Hall have been gutted to make way for a remodel. (Valley Breeze photo by Ethan Shorey)


I chuckled that Pawtucket's concern is to present a better City Hall environment to collect high taxes. A city that doesn't have a best foot to put forward to attract good companies that would provide a substantial number of good jobs for Pawtucket's residents.

Pawtucket City Hall was built in 1934 and has several issues did the city apply for the proper permits are the employes doing the work licensed? The building does not meet the current RI Fire code or Life safety code and $25,000 doesn't appear to address those issues I'm sure Business people who deal with the city's code enforcement and fire inspection office will be glad to hear that they can follow the current administrations attitude toward those issues and not get any approvals for there work!