Monastery Preservation Alliance starts off strong

Monastery Preservation Alliance starts off strong

CUMBERLAND - It was standing room only last Wednesday for the first meeting of the Monastery Preservation Alliance. Gathered, appropriately it seemed, in the original Monastery chapel that's now the Community Room of the Cumberland Public Library, the 140 citizens were all about action: signing a petition, ordering matching T-shirts, sharing contact information, and agreeing to participate on one of five committees that organizer Alexandra Curran proposed.

Their mission is to defeat any plan to establish a new police-rescue building or any other structure on any of the 525 acres that make up Cumberland's Monastery Grounds.

Even taking a 10-acre lot for the new public safety complex, several said, negates a 2004 ordinance that bans any building whatsoever and opens the entire Monastery to future building.

Within the crowd were a few candidates for office, members of the Cumberland Land Trust and Blackstone Valley Watershed Council/Friends of the Blackstone, residents who live near the Monastery, and at least one member of the Library Board of Trustees.

Many, like 22-year-old Curran, were in their 20s, a fact noted by several of the speakers.

Curran promised those gathered that she'd be in touch about the upcoming Town Council meeting date when counselors are expected to consider the ballot question that asks for voter approval to use the Monastery site.

That meeting was later announced for tonight, Thursday, July 31, at 7 p.m.