Ordinance Committee to discuss new B-C liquor license for Twin River

Ordinance Committee to discuss new B-C liquor license for Twin River

LINCOLN - The pilot program enacted in January, which gave Twin River Casino the ability to serve liquor until 2 a.m., will end on Aug. 30. Members of Lincoln's Ordinance Committee must now decide whether or not to create a separate license for the facility.

Town Council president Keith Macksoud said representatives from Twin River approached the council six months ago to discuss legislation that would allow them to serve liquor between the hours of 6 a.m. and 2 a.m. on weekends and nights before legal holidays.

"We know there are supposed to be new casinos opening in Massachusetts, and unlike nightclubs, when they close at two, Twin River is open 24 hours, so even though they stop service, they aren't dumping the patrons on the street. People can still stay there," Macksoud said.

The council approved the trial period while officials from the casino submitted legislation to the General Assembly to create a new liquor license category.

General Assembly members passed a bill in June allowing the council to institute a Class B-C liquor license to a "licensed gaming and entertainment establishment that is authorized to operate 24 hours a day."

"That will mirror what they have had the past couple months," said Macksoud. "It can only be defined as a casino."

Macksoud said a new license would require that town officials set a new permit fee for the extended hours, bringing a small increase in revenue to Lincoln.

During the trial period, a $200 extended hours permit fee was imposed on 56 dates from March through August, equaling $11,200.

He said the bill must go before the Ordinance Committee for approval next month, and if they agree with the language, the town will make a liquor license category specifically for Twin River.

If the ordinance gets denied, the casino's license will revert back to the original B-V license.

"But if they get the B-C license approved by the Ordinance Committee, it'll free up another B-V license for a business to take," he said.