Barros says his government experience needed at Statehouse

Barros says his government experience needed at Statehouse

PAWTUCKET - Jean Philippe Barros, candidate for the House District 59 seat in the Democratic primary on Sept. 9, said his years of experience in government will enable him "to assure that Pawtucket's voice is strongly heard at the Statehouse."

As a member of the City Council for the past six years, Barros said he has worked cooperatively with numerous state officials and the Mayor Grebien administration on a "wide range of issues important to the city, from finances and school funding to serving constituents, while always safeguarding taxpayers' best interests."

Barros also said his experience as a four-year member of the council Finance Committee has given him expertise in critically examining budgets so that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

"This election is not the time for experimentation," he said. "I will be able to bring practical experience in government to the state legislature at a time when three of the five state representatives for the city of Pawtucket, with a combined 62 years of service, are not seeking re-election.

Officials need to ensure that the city gets all the state aid and jobs assistance possible, and "strong leadership and a proven ability to work with others" will get it done, he said.

Barros said he and others have worked to make sure the city's finances "are in much better shape now" than when he first joined the City Council.