Clark supports Speaker Mattiello's goal of no tax increases

Clark supports Speaker Mattiello's goal of no tax increases

PAWTUCKET - Joseph Clark, Democratic candidate for House District 58, says that he fully supports a statement made by House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello that he's not looking to raise taxes in the future.

"Speaker Mattiello and I are on the same page on this issue, and more importantly, I believe we are on the same page with most Rhode Islanders, especially the residents of District 58," said Clark in a release. "The last thing state government should do while the economy continues to struggle along is raise taxes."

Clark said he is "quite aware that our state faces significant budget deficits in the coming years, but I will support and work for legislation that will make Rhode Island more business friendly and that will grow our economy before ever entertaining the idea of raising taxes."

Residents "must know" that their representative "will be their defender against wasteful spending and needless tax raises," said Clark. "I will be that person."

According to Clark, the state budget deficit is expected to rise to $400 million by 2018-2019.

"Cuts will need to be made and efficiencies will need to be found to deal with such a daunting number, but I am not interested in putting any additional tax burden on my community, and it is bad policy," he said.