Dube will advocate for successful after-school and summer programs

Dube will advocate for successful after-school and summer programs

PAWTUCKET - As a high school teacher, School Committee candidate Erin Dube says she saw firsthand the power of successful after-school and summer programs. Whether the programs revolved around academics, athletics, or arts, the results were the same, said Dube. Participating students were often more engaged in the classroom and more successful in school.

"Focusing on improving and increasing after-school and summer programming is an investment in the entire community," said Dube in a release. "Students attending successful summer programs avoid the summer-learning loss that is so problematic in our community." Dube said that after-school programs keep children engaged during critical hours when parents aren't home.

Dube said that focusing on this out-of-school time makes the in-school time "more relevant and meaningful for the child." This is because these programs, when they are most effective, are project-based, and "students are able to pursue and develop skills connected to their interests and see the value of academic skills as well."

The "collaborative, critical-thinking, hands-on skills" that students gain are exactly the skills that prepare them to be successful in future careers, she said.

If elected, Dube said she will look for ways to better manage and direct money into successful after-school and summer programs and better support and develop programs that already exist in the community, like the Child Opportunity Zone.