Laznik: Better schools benefit everyone

Laznik: Better schools benefit everyone

PAWTUCKET - Michael Laznik, who is running as a Democrat for School Committee, says he has a "vested interest in improving our schools" with one of his two children attending Varieur Elementary School for the first time. Better schools benefit the entire community, he said.

Laznik, a city resident for more than 20 years, is one of several candidates with young children attending city schools for the first time.

"I believe that public schools play an important role in uniting and pulling neighborhoods together," he said in a release. "However, when schools fail, communities fail, too. I have seen this firsthand, and indeed many of our residents whom I have met these past few weeks confirm it."

Some families are able to afford private school, while others get the chance to send their children to charter schools, said Laznik. Some choose to move, and "the end result is broken neighborhoods with residents who have less and less in common with one another and who are less likely to work together toward a better community," he said.

There is no "silver bullet" solution for declining performance, said Laznik. Improvement will take "a concerted effort" by everyone involved.

With only two incumbents running, "The next seven-member school committee will be composed of new leaders, most with a new spirit and energy to promote positive change for our city," he said.