Tetreault calls on Cano to explain 'costly' vote

Tetreault calls on Cano to explain 'costly' vote

PAWTUCKET - City Councilor Larry Tetreault today called upon School Committee member Sandra Cano, one of three opponents in the at-large council race, to explain her role in the school board's decision to dismiss two bidders and instead award a school food contract to the "more costly incumbent vendor."

Tetreault said he wants Cano to explain why she voted to award the contract to Sodexo even though she was on the subcommittee that recommended the most cost-effective bidder.

"I am especially troubled by Ms. Cano's willingness to simply vote as she's told," said Tetreault. "Her own subcommittee recommended Chartwells, but she was swayed by her colleagues to vote for the 'connected' company. That vote cost the city $170,000 and also may get us sued."

Tetreault questioned whether Cano, who is running for the council "at the behest" of Mayor Donald Grebien, "is willing to make tough decisions."

"Her first term in office has produced overspending, two open meetings violations, and her questionable 'yes' votes, first, to pay a superintendent to actually stay home, and now to cost the city $170,000," he said.

"As disastrous as that 'yes sir' approach has played out on the school board," said Tetreault, "I can only imagine the damage it would cause on the council."