Archambault highlights past accomplishments

Archambault highlights past accomplishments

SMITHFIELD - State Sen. Steve Archambault, who is seeking re-election in District 22, said in a press release this week that he believes he has had a "highly productive first term" in the General Assembly.

Archambault said that during his term, he fought to ensure that Bryant University would contribute for services received from the town.

He said, "I am pleased that financially-squeezed Smithfield property taxpayers are no longer subsidizing the town services used by a wealthy private university. The more than $150,000 annually that Bryant will pay will help Smithfield hold the line on tax increases."

While he said that he believes Bryant was his "highest legislative priority," Archambault also added that he championed new laws to protect children and animals. He said that he helped sponsor legislation to create child safe zones to protect children against sexual predators, and added that he "helped win adoption of a new state animal protection law" that makes it illegal to endanger dogs and other animals by leaving them in very hot or cold cars.

Archambault represents the town of Smithfield, as well as parts of Johnston and North Providence.