Republican Vaughan will run for Town Council

Republican Vaughan will run for Town Council

SCITUATE - Rocky Vaughan has announced that he will run in the Scituate Town Council race. In a press release, Vaughan calls himself a new type of Republican, or "roguepublican."

Vaughan said he did not seek endorsement from the town's Republican committee, as he cannot himself endorse the "out-of-touch candidates it runs year after year."

Vaughan volunteers for the town on the North Scituate Fire Departments as an EMT and fire and rescue lieutenant. From his 11 years at the fire department, he said he knows firsthand how the Town Council's special interests "hurt" the community.

He said that the current Town Council "gives special privileges and thousands of taxpayer dollars" to an "unreliable at best" volunteer ambulance corps, has allowed "unconstitutional property rights violations" on Peeptoad Road costing possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars from legal fees, "blocks and berates business and small business owners" like Tractor Supply, which is now instead building in Johnston, and the "public lambasting" of The Providence Grass Company.

"All these examples point back to the special interests and personal ties of Town Council members," he said.

Vaughan said he believes Scituate can elect a better representative to serve on the Town Council.

The Republican primary will be held Tuesday, Sept. 9. Registered Republicans and independents may vote.