DeStefanis: 'Select few' are impeding town's progress

DeStefanis: 'Select few' are impeding town's progress

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Raymond DeStefanis, Democrat running for Town Council District 2 on Sept. 9, says that the town has been led for "far too long" by a "select few."

"They have tried to convince us that the candidates they promote will take care of our best interests. Once elected, they pledge to safeguard our tax dollars and hold the line on any new increases," he said in a release. "With the campaign promises in the distance, they grow comfortable with the new air of entitlement and they use our town as their own personal playground."

These few "strike down innovative government projects with savings in the millions all because they can't lay claim to their own ideas," said DeStefanis in a press release.

As incumbent John Lynch's re-election bid grows closer, he uses words like "progress" in his campaign slogans to better position himself in the eyes of the voters, said DeStefanis.

"Measure their progress by looking at the main arteries and roadways filled with vacant commercial properties," he said. "Measure their progress by looking at the conditions of our roads and decaying infrastructure."

Lynch, who leads the finance committee, "has yet to share his vision on how to make the town more competitive and create a friendlier climate for commerce," said DeStefanis, and is "more concerned with obstructing any and all progress that would propel our town forward."