Isn't anyone listening?

Isn't anyone listening?

Scenario: The temperature outdoors is approaching 90 degrees. Motorists with any sense have their windows up and their air conditioners turned to the highest setting. Why then are idiots driving around in their amplified boom boxes with the windows down?

The answer is to discharge the noise they are creating as far as possible beyond the interior of the car. You see, the noise is not produced for their entertainment, but to disturb the public peace. Why else would they do it at 3 a.m.? It is a personal trespass, an intentional assault upon every person who is unfortunately within hearing range of the ear-splitting percussion. It is spit in the face of conventional society. It is a premeditated act of deliberate defiance of the law.

Whenever any sound is amplified to the degree that it penetrates the insulated walls of our home and disturbs our privacy, our rights have been violated. Unfortunately for us no one is enforcing the law that protects our rights.

Law enforcements deliberate indifference in enforcing quality of life issues such as this is yet another reason why this state is experiencing a mass exodus.

Ernest E. Ricci

North Providence