Paint job final step in Town Hall upgrade

Paint job final step in Town Hall upgrade

Workers from Martone Service Company put the finishing touches on the repainting of North Providence Town Hall. The project completes a years-long effort by Mayor Charles Lombardi to make the building more presentable. (Breeze photos by Ethan Shorey)

NORTH PROVIDENCE - It was a major campaign theme of Charles Lombardi's back in 2007: If we can't get our own house in order, how can we cite others when they fail to meet the standards?

Almost immediately after winning the mayor's seat seven years ago, Lombardi got to work overhauling what he sees as the public face of the town, North Providence Town Hall. The situation had grown embarrassing, as Lombardi remembers, especially after a piece of plaster fell and struck a woman as she walked out of Town Council chambers on the third floor.

Rotten old carpets were removed, floors stripped down and stained, holes in walls patched, and new service windows installed to address the "deplorable" conditions, said Lombardi. They were all affordable changes that made Town Hall a better place to work and do business, he said.

Workers this week are completing the final step in improving the function and appearance of Town Hall on Smith Street, putting the final touches on a shiny new exterior paint job.

"This should be the final product in the cleanup of Town Hall," said Lombardi.

The white exterior paint job is being completed by workers from low bidder Martone Service Company, though the cost wasn't immediately known. The project follows up a 2012 redo of the front entrance to Town Hall, which included new stamped concrete steps.

"We need to lead by example," said Lombardi. "We're saying, 'do as we do, not just as we say.'"

If the town isn't keeping up its property, how can a minimum housing inspector go out and cite a resident for an unsafe deck or a messy yard?, said Lombardi.

"The first thing I would say if I was them is, 'go clean up your own Town Hall,'" he said.

How can he as mayor tell a town employee to "keep your shoes shined and your attitude polished" if he's allowing the town's appearance to slide, said the mayor.

Edward Amaral, of Martone Service Company, paints the railing out in front of Town Hall last Friday.


I am always amazed at the lack of any planning in NP when it comes to spending. Seems more of an emotional need to spend on nice to do PR projects. Yet the town suffers from "Deplorable Roads, Sewers, snow removal, Schools" to name a few more important issues. Whatever happened to the let's fix it with our own people and not spend additional money for services we can do in-house? Remember one thing that NP is a Distressed Community (over taxed and over spending), not something that seems to be on the towns agenda to fix though.