Gratitude as work at Osram-Sylvania ends

Gratitude as work at Osram-Sylvania ends

As I come to a close of a 31-year career as a glassworker, I would like to take a minute to thank the people of our past.

First is Tony Zona for being the type of boss that everyone admired and wanted to work for.

To our countless union leaders for their selfless devotion to their union family, Tom Fish, Joe Doris, Ken St. Pierre, Jeff Gribbin, and the many more men and women through the years, a special thanks to all of them.

To our National reps Richard Parker, Tim Tuttle and Andrew Slipp for their commitment to keeping our industry alive.

There are so many people that deserve mention, they helped shape our lives, for us to become the people we are. I will miss my fellow workers and the business that we all called our livelihood for these many years.

My hope for the City of Central Falls and the building called GE, Corning, GTE and finally Osram Sylvania is that it finds a new generation of workers. Hopefully the building, like the city of Central Falls, will enjoy a productive rebirth and not become an eyesore on the landscape, as so many other manufacturing buildings have become.

To my fellow workers, I wish you all a long and happy retirement and may the next chapter of our lives be productive and fruitful. Good luck and God bless.

Mark Wildenhain