If elected, Bethel would promote local business

If elected, Bethel would promote local business

LINCOLN - Jared Bethel, a candidate for Lincoln Town Council District 4 seat, said in a press release this week that he is pro-business and advocates buying local.

"Buying local keeps money in the town and increases jobs and revenue for the community," he said.

He said that recently a neighboring town offered "Restaurant Week" and he believes this was a great proactive approach in local government and would like to introduce this in Lincoln.

"This would promote local restaurants and build community," he stated. "Restaurants are unique businesses that draw crowds, and thereby promote community networking. Strong relationships between businesses, citizens, and government lead to a prospering small-business sector, which is the heart of a local economy."

Bethel said he is committed to bringing new and innovative ideas to a town he is passionate about.

"I will work with fellow council members to take a proactive approach in our local economy. As an entrepreneur, I appreciate the challenges small businesses face. I'd like to see more interaction between businesses and community events," he continued.

Bethel advocates that he'd "like to see the role of our town council expand." He said he encourages council members to become ambassadors and promote the town.