Smithfield boards, commissions seeking volunteers

Smithfield boards, commissions seeking volunteers

SMITHFIELD - For Smithfield residents looking to be more involved in their community, the town is seeking volunteers to serve on various boards and commissions, including the Economic Development Commission, the Asset Management Committee, the Sewer Authority, the Historic Preservation Committee, the Affordable Housing Authority Board, the Land Trust, and the Financial Review Commission.

Boards and commissions serve as advisory committees to the Town Council. According to the town website, meetings are generally held once a month on a weeknight. A schedule of meetings is listed on the website.

The Asset Management Commission is responsible for compiling an inventory of all land and buildings owned by the town, assessing the conditions of all buildings, and establishing and prioritizing the need for major repairs or renovations, among other tasks.

Members of the Sewer Authority help to insure proper removal and disposal of sewage wastes and wastewaters, as well as proper operation and maintenance of interceptors and the sewage treatment plant.

The Historic Preservation Commission establishes criteria for evaluating historical, architectural or cultural sites, buildings, places, landmarks or areas to determine their value in terms of national, state, or local importance. Members also conduct and maintain a comprehensive inventory of historic resources within the town, and maintain the Smithfield Register of Historic Places.

Volunteers on the Financial Review Commission will verify revenue estimates, monitor expenditures, review monthly reports on the town's current financial condition, and review the town's operation as necessary and make recommendations.

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Interested residents are encouraged to apply to any position by submitting a letter of interest to the Town Manager's office, 64 Farnum Pike, along with an application form. Forms are available on the website or by calling the Town Manager's office at 401-233-1010.