Pawtucket's Foolproof Brewing Company expands again

Pawtucket's Foolproof Brewing Company expands again

Now the biggest in Rhode Island

PAWTUCKET - After two years in business, Foolproof Brewing Company launched its second expansion this week. The brewery, which pairs high-quality, hand-crafted beers with life experiences, installed a new 60-barrel fermentation tank (approximately 1,900 gallons), increasing its beer production capacity by 25 percent.

“It has been a whirlwind couple of years for us so far,” said Nick Garrison, president and founder of Foolproof. “This expansion will help us keep up with demand in our new and existing markets but also provide the flexibility and capacity to introduce new beer styles and packaging formats in 2015.”

With this expansion, Foolproof will have the largest beer production capability in the state of Rhode Island. Since opening in January 2013, the brewery has expanded its distribution footprint from Rhode Island to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Dallas, Texas. The company now employs five full-time staff members as well as a number of part-time employees.

Foolproof’s year-round offerings include Barstool American golden ale, Raincloud robust porter, Backyahd IPA, and La Ferme Urbaine (LFU) farmhouse ale. The brewery also produces a line of rotating specialty beers, including Revery Russian imperial stout, King of the Yahd imperial IPA, Augtoberfest festbier, and coming in February, Shuckolate chocolate-oyster stout.

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