Bishop Keough students heading to St. Ray's this month

Bishop Keough students heading to St. Ray's this month

All-girls school closing after 40 years

PAWTUCKET - Administrators announced last week that Bishop Keough Regional High School, an all-girls independent Catholic high school, will close its location at St. Maria Goretti Parish after 44 years and move to St. Raphael Academy.

The administration and board of the struggling Catholic school sought a "partnership" with Saint Raphael Academy to bring academic programming, administrative personnel and a "welcoming transition" to Bishop Keough students who wish to transfer.

"Keough High School has educated and served more than 1,500 young women in its 40-year history," said Principal Jeanne LeClerq. "We are truly proud that we have fulfilled our mission in a very honorable and successful way. To all our graduates and current students, we wish them well."

The faculty and staff of St. Ray's say they look forward to the benefits of the partnership with Bishop Keough students transitioning to the school on Walcott Street.

"I am very pleased to welcome the young ladies to Saint Raphael Academy, and as a community, we anxiously await their arrival at the end of August," said Principal Daniel Richard.

There are currently 40 girls enrolled at Bishop Keough for the coming academic year. Keough students will also have the opportunity to seek admission at other Catholic high schools in the diocese.

Bishop Keough High School, named after the fourth bishop of Providence, was opened in 1971 by a group of laypeople led by the late Charles Deblois as its founder. Keough flourished with the financial support of several parishes and a staff of religious and lay teachers. In the 1970s when many Catholic schools became coed, leaders at Keough resolved to maintain its all-girls status, continuing the school's approach to developing their leadership skills and self-confidence.

Saint Raphael Academy, less than four miles away from Keough, is a coed college preparatory school founded in 1924 in the tradition of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. The Pawtucket school is owned by the Diocese of Providence.