Plan for local water park slip-slides away

Plan for local water park slip-slides away

UPDATE - Wednesday

ATTLEBORO, Mass. – A Pawtucket official said Tuesday that the plan for a water park at the Attleboro/Pawtucket line has officially been nixed. Developer David Cascioli notified officials by letter that the former Cumberland Engineering site will not work due to access issues.

ATTLEBORO, Mass. – The would-be developer of a water park on the city line between Attleboro and Pawtucket is now casting doubt on whether the location will work.

David Cascioli, who has already struck out on a number of other locations in Rhode Island, told The Valley Breeze that he’s hit a “stumbling block” in his bid to develop the 20-acre park on the old Cumberland Engineering property.

The land just off I-95 isn’t being ruled out yet, said Cascioli, but an initial analysis of accessibility to the site shows it’s “very poor.” The developer’s initial proposed entrance was previously intended to be in Pawtucket, but the roadways in the area are too narrow, he said. The situation on the Attleboro side “is just as bad.”

“It doesn’t look like we’re going to have a good outcome,” said Cascioli. “The more I look into this, the more concerned I get.”

Tony Pires, director of administration for Mayor Donald Grebien, confirmed that Pawtucket is out as a possible location for the entrance to the park. About 5 percent of the project was previously intended to be located in Pawtucket, said Pires, but Cascioli is now telling officials that the park will only cover Attleboro land if it’s developed.

A former manager at Rocky Point, Cascioli has repeatedly been frustrated in his attempts to develop a water park in Rhode Island. He told The Breeze for a story in December that sites with the required combination of accessibility and size have proven very hard to come by. The old Cumberland Engineering site, where condemned old buildings were recently demolished, has good visibility and the acreage he needs, said Cascioli at the time.

Cascioli said he plans to fly in from Florida at the end of the month to meet with Attleboro officials about what might be done to make his target property more accessible.

The developer said he hasn’t heard from Rhode Island officials about possible other locations for the park since he announced that he was targeting the Cumberland Engineering site for a park.

Pires said that Pawtucket officials won’t have much involvement with development of the park if it does come to fruition near the city line. He said there was an idea to connect the park to Branch Street near the Pawtucket Water Supply Board, but that road proved too small. If the project had gone forward with the Pawtucket entrance, officials may have had to address issues with having the entrance so close to the water supplier, he said.


....too bad the old mill had to come down......I don't know what the condition of the property is/was.......but would have made for a great mill development - condos/apartments - maybe including some small retail shops along with it. Hope it doesn't stay vacant for the old 'Newport Creamery' on Central Ave. Pawtucket. Gone, gone, gone......

The property had been condemned.

I remember going to that Newport Creamery back in the day after school with my grandfather. Good memories there!

I think Woonsocket will have a water pad for kids and what not...not a full blown water park but not a bad alternative neither

The roads are too narrow??? That's easy...GINA can we get a toll over to that area?