AFGS seeks World War I soldiers’ photographs

AFGS seeks World War I soldiers’ photographs

WOONSOCKET – Next year the United States will be commemorating its entry into World War I. By the time the Armistice was signed on Nov. 11, 1918, over 53,000 Americans would die in battle, with an additional 63,000 dying of disease or accident.

By some estimates Rhode Island sent 23,000 soldiers and sailors to fight, of which 585 died. The estimate does not make clear if this number includes men who went to fight for other countries before the US entered the war. This same estimate, which was in a 1919 copy of the Woonsocket Call, listed 30 people from Woonsocket who died. Unfortunately, these lists, which appeared from time to time in newspapers, were inaccurate and often contradicted themselves. AFGS has been able to identify more than 70 men and women who served and died not only in the United States Army and Navy, but also in the Canadian, French, and English Armies.

Next year the American-French Genealogical Society intends to honor the soldiers who gave their lives in what was known as “the war to end all wars.” Much research is still left to do, and this list may change as new information is uncovered. Presently, along with the research, AFGS is trying to locate photographs of these veterans. The few newspaper photos which have been found are of very poor quality. The organization is asking anyone who may have a picture of the men and women to allow AFGS to copy them. AFGS intends to expand this project to include photos and/or histories of all the Woonsocket residents who served in the war, but for now the project is limited to getting photos of the service men and women who paid the ultimate price.

The list compiled to date is as follows:

Philip Anicette, Pvt.

George T. Aucoin, Pfc.

Donatian Belhumeur, Pvt.

George D. Bernard, Pvt.

Louis F. Bernier, Pvt.

Eugene L. Berry

Eugene Blanchard, Pvt.

Ernest C. Bonin, Sgt.

John J. Bradley, MM1c

John F. Brady, Pvt.

Stephen J. Brady, Cpl.

William Brandon, Air Mechanic 1/c

William S. Brindle, Pvt.

Franck Cherb, Pfc (also listed as Frank Cerbo)

Joseph Cormier, Pvt.

Alphonse J. Corriveau

Joseph R. Coutu, Pvt.

Charles V. Cronk, Pvt.

Arthur Curtis, Pvt.

Joseph G. Desrosiers, Pvt .

George Dessauvages, Cpl.

Jean Devinck

Abraham Doyon, Pfc.

Joseph O. Ducharme, Pvt.

Come Duhamel, Pvt.

Elie Duhamel, Pvt.

Edna G. Dunn, Yeowoman 2/c

Richard Edmundson, Pvt.

Giovanni Filice, Pvt.
Harold F. Flynn, 1st Lt 
James F. Flynn, Corp.
Leo L. Fontaine, Pvt. 
William Foyle (Foille), Driver
Harry George
Donat J. Giguere, Pfc.
Lloyd H. Gledhill, Sgt.
John Jacob, Cook
Arthur E. Johnson, Apprentice Seaman
Robert T. Johnson, Pvt.
 William Jolicoeur, Pvt.
 Rene Keiser
Pierre Lambert, Pvt. 
Alphonse Lammertyne 
Emile Landreville (Alias Frank Roberts) 
 Napoleon Languiran, Cpl.
Adrien B. Laquerre, Pvt.
 X. Lallemand
Romeo Lariviere, Pvt.
 Emile E. Lecrique
Edgar Lemeire, Pvt. 
Joseph Lombaert 
Aime Longtin, Pvt.
James F. Magner, Pfc.
Mariano Marini, Pvt.
Constance Martin, Navy nurse
John P. McQuade, Fireman 2c
Howard B. Miller, Major
Joseph O. Normandin, Pvt. 
Peter Peloquin, Pvt.
 Adelard Plante, Pvt.
 Hormisdas Raymond, Pvt.
Alberic C. Riendeau, Pvt. 
Napoleon Riendeau, Pvt.
Lionel O. Roberge, Pvt.
Ludger Rocheford, Pvt.
Eugene St Hilaire, Sgt.
Peter Swiatloski, Pvt.
Walter P. Talaska, Chief Quartermaster
Ovila M. Toupin, MM2c
Robin J. Trent, Pvt.
Ralph L. Truesdale, Pvt.
Napoleon A. Valley, Pvt.
John (Jean Baptiste) Valois, Pvt.
 Emile Wilerval
 Henri Wilerval 
Andrew F. Young, Pvt.
Those in possession of photos can scan them and email them to Be sure to include the name of the soldier as well as your own name and relationship to the veteran. You may also call AFGS at 401-765-6141 to set up an appointment to drop the photo off at the library at 78 Earle St. Photos can be scanned while you wait.